carbs and Sugar Cravings


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I planned one day on flexi, and then was supposed to get back to plan......but then the next day came and that went to pot and I even woke up this morning, and I can't stop craving carbs and sugar.

This is what happens to me, the smallest intake of choc, sugar, crisps starts the cravings and I find it so hard to get back the resolve I had before. This type of food is soooo addictive. To the point that I can't control it, which I so strange because I really don't want to eat it, but can't help it.

I knew it would happen, which is soooo annoying.

I am just gonna have to go cold Turkey on it all I think for next few days.....but it's so so hard because there is still temptation around.....and I can't chuck it away because I live with my parents and it's there food my mum hates waste.

The next few days are going to be so so hard........ :cry:

How did you all get on? Anyone have the same sort of problem?
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I am exactly the same! If it's there, I am likely to just stuff my face with it, even though it makes me very sad and angry and addicted! I honestly find that the only way I don't do it is if I avoid it and don't have it in the house. This can sometimes be hard with a boyfriend who loves to eat crap, but I have made it my resolution to count to ten and walk away from the food when it's here. I would suggest because you can't physically get rid of a lot of the food, you just stop, think and count to ten when you feel the urge coming on, or pretend it isn't there or in the house. Try and steer clear of it, but if you get a powerful urge and can't stop yourself, eat an apple instead of something healthy! Stuff yourself with fruit instead :) It's hard,but remember why you're doing it and that it's worth it in the end... xxxxx


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Yes i am finding it difficult as well. When i'm on SW plan i don't have anything i shouldn't as a little bit isn't enough. I have to just not touch it. I have been off plan since xmas eve and today i said i'll go back on but there is still stuff about for bf and son and i can't stop myself eating it. Only way i can get control back is getting rid of it all. It is all about willpower and when the sugar enters my systems, doesnt wanna let go


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I have a tin of small chocolate bars etc (mini Mars, Malteaser bags, etc - all 5ish syns) - which adds up to 70 syns altogether.

If I decide to blow it all in one day, then I do, but I have the resolve not to add to it. In the perfect world, it lasts all week! And if it's carbs I'm craving, I find pasta n sauce does a good job!


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I know exactly how you feel. I have a box of chocolates unopened which I was saving for Christmas but I can't bring myself to open as I am genuinely scared that it will start me off again. My OH already ate two boxes which I said he could but I was saving this one but I know I am terrified I'll go wild if I start so I may ask him to eat it too!
It doesn't worry me having them around, what worries me is losing the resolve to keep off them as I don't do 1 or 2. It has always been the whole hog for me.
My advice would be, to have a real think and to imagine how being slim will feel.
That image feels much so much better than any chocolate tastes.
If you can stop after one or two, don't restrict yourself but if, like me, a little is not enough, rather stop totally. You do get used to it, and it feels great.
Good luck!


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Hi, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Thankyou all, yeah I think I'm gonna just have to use my willpower and avoid all naughties completely for a few weeks to get me back on track. I got my mum to hide leftovers so as long as my willpower stops me from searching for them I will be ok lol.....I know that once I go cold turkey for a week or so I wont have the addiction/cravings for it and as long as I keep it up I should be 1 day at a time :)
............Hope all goes well for you WI is tonight ahhhhh!

Take Care xx :)