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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
As it happens, "guideline daily allowances" were the topic of my "fat class" this evening, so I can tell you that the GDA for carbs is 300g for a woman, of which sugars should be no more than 120g.

Hope this helps!
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um thanks i think so
yesterdays meal was : calories 1.273
fat 41
carbs 120
sugar 116

now i dont know if this is too low or what?
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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Doh!! I gave you the figure for men!!

GDA for women (not on diets!)

Calories 2000
Carbs 230g
of which sugars 90g
Fat 70g
of which saturates 20g
Fibre 24g
Salt 6g
Protein 45g

The only thing is that perhaps your sugars in your carbs are a bit high. She said this evening that the "of which" figures are not a target to reach, but rather to try not to reach, and the lower the better.

As for not eating the whole amount of carbs, your not massively below the GDA, and the above figures are for ladies who are not dieting, so for those who are, and have to knock at least 500 calories off the above figures, then the calories have to come off from somewhere so the above, so perhaps our GDA would be approx three quarters of each amount?? I'm just assuming so?!



Hippety Hop!
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Re carbs, It does depend a lot on what your health situation is but the lower the carbs and calories the better for losing weight.
Being a diabetic I have to keep my carb intake as low as poss which is not that easy. Also being somewhat disabled my calorie count has to be 1000 at most in order to lose weight and having high blood pressure I am on a salt free, so it's - horses for courses, - as they say!..:D

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