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Card Making


I'm going to be slim
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I'm a carder & scrapper i go to ukscrappers
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I've got a lot of card making things but been quite lazy and not done much recently, but we're going to be making our own invites for wedding in September so will need to get started on them soon.
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My daughter has just starting making cards & will be making my cousins wedding invites.

Lydia has just invested in a cuttlebug; I've had a bit of a play & its amazing what you can do with one. The cards you can make are fantastic especially when you combine it with other things such as embroidery.

Will you post a photo of your finished invite, I'd love to see it.
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I enjoy making my own cards and have quite a bit of stick but I have not done any for aover a year, I am hoping to get back into it in the next few months.
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I'm a carder & scrapper i go to ukscrappers
I used to go to UKS :D I haven't done a lot of scrapping recently - shame as I love it. I sell my cards though to shops and comissions I often have quite a few to do hence no time for scrapping. I also do a bit of altering and have sold wedding and baptism keepsake boxes. I really enjoy messing with glue and paint and bits and getting messy :p

I would totally love a cuttlebug or similar they look amazing.


Joanne Brown
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I am also a card maker and use craft telly

I do love my cuttlebug but he has got a little pushed out due to my cricut lol


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I love making cards, I find it so relaxing and enjoyable, although since having Zach, I haven't really done any. Plus I am focusing on jewellery making as I am hoping to make an income through it so I don't have to return to work in June x
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Hi all I am a card maker and scrapper too. I actually teach papercrafts and sell products if anyone interested please give me a shout x


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Have any of you made any cards recently ive done a tilda stamped image one ?


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I quite like making cards too havent made any for a while though i tend to make my own birthday, christmas cards, get well cards congratulations etc just really for my own use would love to start up a wee business eventually
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I'm a cardmaker, spend far too much on my hobby but never mind it makes me happy lol!
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Caburygurl said:
So how much do you spend on it

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Not so much lately to be honest but I reckon over the 4 years I've been doing it it must be around £2000 although possibly more. Wouldn't ever admit that to the hubby though!!!!
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I'm the same I have spent so much on card making and other stuff. At the moment its all packed away as I have no space to do anything but I'll still go and buy more stuff!

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