Cat keeps pulling up the carpet- any ideas?!


love it
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i haven't tried it but been told they hate the smell of citrus.perahps a spot or lemon juice where he does it ??


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You can get a spray from pet shop that teaches behaviour, spray it where you dont want him to scratch, also have a demister bottle with water in and if you see him doing it spray him quickly once but dont let him see you coming it deters them...xx


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Lizzie I have dug mine out the back of the cupboard, its made by Friends and is called Pet Behave training Spray, it states deters scratching and chewing...look it up on the net you might get it cheaper....also has he only started this since you put him in the cattery whilst you had your op? If so its probably that he is feeling insecure chick....happens to us all but we dont ruck up the carpets lol..xx


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if its not to much of a problem (kids etc) double sided sticktape works wonders as they hate the stickyness on their doesnt mark sofas and chairs either so you can pop it on them too...I found it works well we have 3 cats now (had 5 once ) and it has solved it for all of mine without chemicals etc......hope it helps


Hey Lizzie
My cat does the same thing! she is too clever though, she knows she isnt allowed to do it, so she only does it when she really wants attention, OR we're not home!!! (we can tell by the carpet when we get back) in one way its annoying but in another way what can you say, clever little things haha :) she is too cute to stay mad at anyway :) if I tell her off for something she runs towards me and lies at my feet with her paws in the air or speaks to me with her cute little voice and big eyes looking up at me - she so has me wrapped around her finger hehe :) i just love her :)


Back to it!
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we tried everything - lemon: didn't bother them at all, sticky tape: just scratched next to tape, and it wasn't very practical to tape whole carpet!!! feliway: made no difference, pet behave training spray: useless

The only thing that worked - laminate flooring!!!

Unfortunately our carpets got so bad around the door frames we had to replace them all with laminate - they still scratch the carpet on the bottom stair so we've kept a piece and keep cutting a new bottom step when it gets bad!!!

We do also have carpet in the bedroom and the only time they scratch that is first thing in a morning when they want feeding/letting out, and they don't stop until I get out of bed. Mine also have me wrapped round their little fingers - I'm very well trained!!!!

Carol x