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Catssseyes Day 12- First day on Cambridge...


Team 1 all the way!
Eurghhhhh how the hell does anyone stomach these shakes?:confused:
I have just had my first after putting it off til 12 o'clock! I chose a vanilla one and mixed it, in a blender, with hot water as it's blinking freezing with snow and everything!
Well I had a sip- yuck. Then remembered someone saying to put some coffee in- so now it tastes like a really awful cup of coffee and is making me gag.
Haven't managed to finish it - but have drunk almost all of it.
I hope it gets better!
Anyway- am determined to keep going and am looking forward to trying the chicken 'soup' later today.
I have so far drunk almost a litre of water- and one cup of coffee.

I HAVE to lose 4 stone before July as I am getting married in Orlando, and there is NO way I will look like a heffer in my dress. Lol! :wave_cry:
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The taste will change in a few days, honest....you will begin to like them.......i've only ever tried one hot once, when i made a chocolate one with mint tea....bloody awful, never again, but most people love it hot, lol....personal taste......good luck, you'll easily lose 4 stone by July if you stick to it properly!
Amanda xx
Hi - I was a bit concerned about liking the shakes to begin with, I now find them ok and I am only day 4 of week 1. Try the strawberry one with 400ml of water and the same with the chocolate one. The soup I do with more water and they are quite drinkable...just keep going with them, it'll be worth it when you start to loose weight :)

As everyone said they will taste terrible initially.. but in time they will be nicer.. Hated them day 1, day 2 they were bareable and since then I like them... trick is diute as much as you can.. and add ice.. it helps..

Well done on starting.. You're right behind me! :)


This year is my year....
Hiya! Tyr this:

Choc - With mint leaves & ice OR hot with a sppon of coffee & sweetener.

Vanilla - Try with ice OR hot with coffee again (and sweetener if you have a sweet tooth like me!)

Chicken Soup - Add a bit of pepper & make it really thin like broth. If you dont hvae enough water, the lumps can be a killer!!

Good luck!!!

You will get used to the taste.x
I swear by sweetener :) My vanilla shake was divine with a few Sweetex thrown in. I actually craved more :eek: lol

the chicken soup is nice with pepper and chilli flakes added - a good tip i picked up from these guys :)
hi catssseyes

As the guys have said the next few days your taste buds adapt and they will taste alot better percivere because your WI will make you forget how the y taste you have a fantastic goal which is well acheivable theres great support on here

All the best

xx Sharron


Team 1 all the way!
Hi all- thanks for the messages. I am determined to stick to it, but yuck yuck yuck!
I have just had the chicken, done in a blender, oh my god it was gross. I didn't manage to finish it, even using a straw and with a bottle of water to wash down each mouthful. I did force myself to drink over half of it though. The vanilla was def better than the chicken! Lol!
Anyway, just sitting back having a black coffee with sweetener. Don't normally have sugar/sweeteners but thought I need a bit for taste!
I can't wait for my WI- 6 days to go!
That's the spirit......nearly 1 day down, well done!....it's amazing how tastes change...i used to love the chicken soup but one day i had it and thought it was awful and have not had it since!
Amanda x


Team 1 all the way!
Had my last shake a few hrs ago- went for strawberry this time and put a sweetener in it. It wasn't all that awful. Still had that plastic taste, but managed to drink 3/4 of it without gagging. Not sure how I am going to cope in work (I'm a teacher) with the running to the toilet every 5 mins- thinking of telling head that I have a urine infection! There will always be someone in the class, so should be ok, I hope!
Anyway, onwards and upwards! 1 day down---lots to go, but don't want to think about that!!!
Helen xx


Team 1 all the way!
Just logged the fact that I am now starving, in Ollie's diary. Sorry Ollie, it just came out- had to write it! Lol!
It's probably as I've not managed to actually finish a single shake today. I am in bed- so off to sleep now. I really fancy a piece of toast. :(
Must remember the wedding dress, and how I will look if I don't do this!
Night all! x
Just logged the fact that I am now starving, in Ollie's diary. Sorry Ollie, it just came out- had to write it! Lol!
It's probably as I've not managed to actually finish a single shake today. I am in bed- so off to sleep now. I really fancy a piece of toast. :(
Must remember the wedding dress, and how I will look if I don't do this!
Night all! x

drink all your shakes and maybe have the last one when ur v hungry so it'll fill u before u sleep.. add as much water as u can to the shakes.. I know it means ull be drinking more but it makes the taste easier.. trust me.. you're doing well and enjoy school :)


Team 1 all the way!
LT-1st timer diary Day 2

Ah thanks Ollie!
Well I've just had my first shake of the day -vanilla cold - and I actually managed to drink the lot! Am starting to think of the shakes as my friend. Although I don't think I'll be getting all that pally with Mr Chicken. Will be taking them back and swapping for vanilla or strawberry I think!
Off to work- will update how it goes later!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
They do take a bit of getting used to. I can only drink mine ice cold with coffee.XX


Team 1 all the way!
Well I have survived work today. I didn't take a shake to work, so have just had my second one- strawberry and it actually didn't taste too bad. I'm upstairs now while Jamie has his dinner and then will have another one before bed.
I told my colleagues that I have a urine infection so they aren't saying anything about my frequent toilet visits!
Day 2 almost done...x
The shakes do get better,im on day 2 restarting and they taste horrid but i know by next week ill be looking forward to a nice choc shake(its all i have cant stand the others) And i dont entertain the soup lol with every mouthful i had to have a drink of water to wash it down lol
Stick with it xxxx
I find them cold is the only way to drink them....I'm on week 3 still can't stand them but means to an end and I just gulp them back praying I dont get a lump in the bottom or i will most certainly throw! Anyway you are not meant to like them they are there to give you nutrients and not be moreish....so the introduction film said.......

Anyway stick with it, you can do it and once you see the first weeks results i'm sure it will spur you on, well done so far.


Team 1 all the way!
Straws are the way to go. Hold my nose, suck the straw, then wash it down with the water! It seems to be working for me!


Team 1 all the way!
Day 3 nearly over. Not finding it too bad to be honest. Don't know whether I'm in ketosis- it's so cold it's hard to know!
Going to take the chicken soup back and swap for shakes tomorrow after work. The thought of it is making me feel sick so will not be trying it again.
Helen x
i find the vanilla mixed with coffee moreish...maybe there is something wrong with me :eek:

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