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  1. A quick q for sunday!

    Has anyone used a cattery before for their pusscats??

    I am going away for a long weekend and was thinking of putting mine in one for 2 nights, is there anything I should look for?, need to know or ask about when I look round them.

    Any hints and tips would be great.

    Mum used to look after them when I lived with her if I went away but now I have moved I have to find a place for them to stay!
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  3. Eileen

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    We went away for a week in august & put our cat in the cattery, we went too check it out first.I was pleased with what i saw, so i knew she would be fine.Do you know anyone who has used one.They could reconmend.
  4. No I don't, I have moved to a new area and I only really know my partners family and none of them have cats!

    I may look around 2 or 3 and decide from there.

  5. domino

    domino Full Member

    I would suggest that you check any cattery out before leaving your pets with them. I've used catteries in the past, but now either opt for a pet-sitter who is police checked and comes in every day to feed them, or a friend.

    It also depends on your cat ~ some take to it, others not. If the place is clean, the owners friendly then you're on the right track. If you can, try to get recommendations from people you know or have used them in the past.

    Mind you if you're away say just overnight, then you could just give him/her a big bowl of food and water and leave him/her at home (have done that in the past too).
  6. Cavycrazy

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    I always used to use a cattery for my two moggies, but both always hated being there! and never used to leave their beds. They were so unhappy, and always made it harder for us to go away as we knew they hated it so much.

    Now thankfully, I used a pet sitter, who is police checked. She comes to the house, feeds, fusses and does the cat loo. It is so much better.

    Less stress for the moglets and for me too, as dont have the normal worry of them being in the cattery.

    Worth having checking out the ones near you.

    I would never go back to cattery now.
  7. Bea

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    I have had good and bad experiences....checking them out first is best and I think if at all possible a sitter is probably the very best option. There are some that have a little protected outside area which my cats love but I get the "cold shoulder" for at least 2 days when they have to go to the cattery!!!!

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