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Cauli mash?


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Ingredients: 1 head cauliflower
1/2 stick butter
1 cup sour cream
How To Prepare: Cut up and cook cauliflower til soft, drain.
Melt butter on cooked cauliflower.
Puree cauliflower with butter, and sour cream, in blender or food processor. (be careful not too puree too long)
Salt & Pepper to taste

not tried, but hope it tastes good, let me know..


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celeriac and turnips mashed with butter also a good alternative

sue x


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Did you give it a try?? :)


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how you doing sez?

sue x


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yes :) its lovely. (were you watching americas biggest loser last night?)


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Mmmm...cauli mash with cheese in it :D

I love The Biggest Loser USA Vicky. Bawled at this weeks though when Abby went. What a woman!! x
i know this thread is old but thought i would post my version

crushed garlic, mozerella cheese, cream cheese, salt n pepper all in a bowl, stick your steame cauliflower in, mash and viola! scrummy!
i dont know what celeb slim entails? is it low fat or low carb?
is it low fat too though? the cream cheese in this ups the fat, but its horrid with any of the lower fat stuff, not to mention ups the carbs too


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My favorite cauli mash is with wasabi (the green japanese horseradish paste) and double cream. Goes particulalry well with fish!
I'm on Dukan - which is low-fat/low-carb - would this work with quark? Or cottage cheese? How do you get the right consistency?


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Should work with what ever you fancy. Make sure that you cook the cauli more than you would if you were eating directly - and mix for a decent period in food processor. Experiment and enjoy:)

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