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Causing offence...

I get the impression that I have offended one or two people on here. I am not sure if that is just me thinking I have or if I actually have.

I am a speak my mind, up front and open person that just says things how they are sometimes, well more often than not.

I won't apologise for being that person or for speaking in the way I have about my journey as that is what it is "my journey" but I will apologise if I have caused anyone offence as that is certainly not my intention.

I know the LL experience is different and individual for us all and I do appreciate that.

Kat xx
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Gotta Make A Change
Please explain yourself young lady who have you offended? I'd disagree and say I don't think you've offended anyone


Happily pro pointing!
Well I have read most of the posts since I came back on 2 weeks ago and can't see how. Quite often on here you need to be honest with people but don't think I have seen you be unkind. Certainly not intentional I would say if you have. It can be difficult sometimes to judge the tone of the written word. If you offended me in a post I would probably politely tell you so ;)
I think you have upset yourself more than anyone else.
Have a hug :hug99:


Gotta Make A Change
(((((((GRoup HUG))))))
Oh guys please don't think I am upset, I am not remotely upset :) and Ali I think you are right, text can be easily misunderstood on here. Sometimes when we think we are putting thought and feeling into something it does not come across that way. It also depends on how the reader is feeling when they read something and how they themselves would say something.

I posted this as it is something I felt I wanted to just in case I had caused offence. I had noticed that some people who used to respond to my posts had stopped, just like that, at the same time and I didn't want it to be as I had said something to cause upset or offence. Maybe it is just because I have not said anything of interest to them anymore. :)

and Ken, I may offend you if you call me young lady again but I will certainly be direct about it ;) lol

Kat xx
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Gotta Make A Change
Lol sorry okay your not a young lady lool
Don't know where you've got that idea from Kat. Don't worry about it.
If it's true they'll get over it.


Is back in the saddle!
This is the most ridiculous thread yet!! Bad girl (young lady, groovy chick, silly bat, insert preferred choice here) Kat for even thinking it!

I started admining forums back in 1998 and if there's one thing about them, they move and change like tides. Don't ever get tooooo serious about it all! xx
If people dont like honesty, then they shouldnt read your threads!! Yours are usually the most interesting and inspirational!!!

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