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Cayenne pepper....


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Hi Lisaberry, I was doing exactly the same and really enjoyed it and my Pharmacist said it was okay, but I then emailed Lipotrim as several people on here said it was not allowed, the response was:
Sorry your pharmacist is wrong. Chilli and cayenne are peppers – carbs. It is not a good idea for several reasons. It can slow your weight loss, make you more hungry than you need to be and ultimately make maintenance more difficult as well. Please watch the DVD for a more full explanation. Some people get away with it, but not many.

However I still do put it in occasionally as the Pharmacist said it is probably negligible and it hasn't affected my weight loss so its up to you really.

Hope this helps.


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Gaah! I think you'd have to consume a fair whack to get any carbs out of it.
I suppose if it stops me from cheating then it's worth it, I'll save it for when I really need it!

Thanks for letting me know!


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hi girls, i was told by my chemist black pepper was ok, i use it every day first week and had a small loss, but i dont think it was the pepper, i then emailed lipotrim and got the same message as the post above me said, i was gutted, and started having my soup without it, this last week ive begun again to add it as i missed enjoying me soup, like they say some can get away with it some cant, and i agree the tiny amount of carbs will not affect ketosis at all, i used ketostix and ive been using pepper this week and wen i pee on the stix my ketones are stronger then ever, as long as you stay in ketosis and are burning fat then i dont think it will be a big affect to be honest

and im do put a lot less pepper in then i did the first week and i seem ok, but tuesday weigh in will tell the truth as ive not cheated all week apast from adding the pepper, i need to enjoy my soup in the evening for my own sanity lol and yes i do think it sdtops me from cheating too, coz i look farward to my soup lol as funnily enough the time i have been naughty are the weeks i didnt use pepper and those are the weeks i had smaller losses

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