CD 790...


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I did LL last year and lost around 6.5 stones... Have put
around 3.5 back on and started CD 790 (approx) on Saturday… The first two days were not great as I was out both evenings… But it has definitely stopped me picking during the day…

Just out of interest, can anyone tell me what sort of amount I can lose weekly on this plan? I am 5ft 5ins and 12st 13lbs (eeek)… if that helps!

Thanks in advance…

Hi K
you lose 2-3lbs usually on 790 2 I think is average per week.I think some CD person will let you know though.I regained all my weight after CD and am SSing 8 weeks again so smile it can be done im 30lbs down.
Good Luck Hun forget you did it before and embrace this like its the 1st time it works better in your head space!
Well done for getting back on track
Many thanks… I have been trying to diet in all sorts of ways and just getting more and more frustrated… I am ok if I can exercise but I hurt my back whilst running the Great North Run and have put a stone and a half more on since the 1st October! Am going to try and stay within the 790… But I do lose weight very easily when I stop drinking alcohol so that’s the way forward for me I think! I don’t struggle at all once my boundaries are set and I know I can’t eat..

You seem to be doing fantastically well.. Good for you!

Katie x