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CD compared to Atkins??? I'm struggling on CD!

Hey people I'm just starting my third week on CD and I'm really struggling, have not yes managed to do 1 full week without a little cheating!!!


1st wk - Lost 7lbs
2nd wk - Lost 2lbs
3rd wk - I get weighed this Saturday but really not looking forward to it as I've just eaten 4 digestive biscuits!!! :cry:

I was just wondering if anyone has done the switch from CD to Atkins? Will I still lose weight??? I just wanna eat soooo badly but I'm still desperate to be slim.....I long to be a size 10!
Yesterday I felt really dizzy, I had eaten all 3 packs and dranks 3.5 litres of water by 4pm and I felt like I was going to black out??? Why is that???? Surley my body should be used to this madness I'm putting it through as it's almost been 3 weeks of ss'ing (with a little cheat here and there)!!!

I need anwsers, help, motivation, something.....
Right now, the Atkins seems like a wonderful alternative, just the thought of bacon and eggs has me on a high, but I'm scared to eat!


Fat Sam x
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Hi Sam

I did Atkins a couple of years ago only managed to stick with it for a few weeks. I too thought eating bacon and eggs sounded absolutely fab, however, Atkins works on Ketosis as well so you quickly lose your apetite and then having the prospect of plates full of meat and protein lost its appeal. The problem I found was that Atkins is not as effective unless you keep the calorie intake high which is difficult if you aren't hungry and after week 3 despite sticking with it I started to gain weight. However, this is just my experience and I know lots of people that have done Atkins really successfully.

The secret to CD is not to pick, if you stick to it religiously hopefully you will feel okay (again, some people don't find this to be the case). Picking will make you feel hungry and especially carbs as these will throw you out of ketosis which is what supresses your appetite.

I wish you all the luck in the world with your weight loss journey whichever route you decide to take. Let us know how you get on and sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly.



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i have done atkins but not straight after CD. u do lose weight on atkins...i lost 1 stone in my first 2 weeks. u MUST introduce the carbs properly tho as i didnt and i would wake up in the early hours in absolute AGONY. felt like the vains in my legs were gonna explode so i came straight off it.

i would assume if u switched u would stay in ketosis. its entirely up to you but even atkins has its downside. good luck with whatever u decide. xxxxxxx
Thanks but I almost feel like I'll letting her down and myself, plus I know I will lose so much less on 790 plan! I'm so confused, have been reading about this JUDD diet but I'm not 100% sure how it works!

I think before you lose control (and you can't feel great having just eaten 4 digestives) you need to make a decision :)

I'm confident your CDC won't feel disappointed if you change to the 790 plan - if you do plenty of reading on this thread you will read that lots of women are having very similar results to women that are SS'ing... :)

I did Atkins in 2000 and lost nearly 4 stone in just over 3 months (this was all after I'd been diagnosed with PCOS and was trying for my DS). I found it worked but mainly because I was lucky to work somewhere that had a canteen and the staff used to prepare my lunch specially. Ketosis works the same as it does on CD. I also incorporated lots of other dietary changes because I was trying to conceive and had planned to go to a herbalist. I completely cut out alchol, caffeine and carbs.. and my diet consisted of chicken, fish, steak, bacon, low carb sausages, liver, eggs and cheese and lots of veggies and salad...

I did enjoy the diet and the results were quick - for me it was relief to find a diet that suited my body and worked - I'd tried them all over the years and couldn't understand why they didn't work - when I got diagnosed with PCOS at 30, I had my answer...!

My advice would be to do a bit of research; buy or borrow the Atkins Diet Book and read it (particularly the first couple of chapters and the menu pages). Then make a decision because the longer your indecisive the more you'll beat yourself up about not doing "the diet" (which ever one you choose) properly...

Good Luck with your decision and if you need anymore support then we're here and you're more than welcome to PM me.

H xx
I have just moved onto 790 and really enjoying it. I look forward to my meal and don't feel deprived now, I save my bar for after so its like a desert. I was told the average weight loss on SS is 14lbs and on 790 its 12lbs so i figured theres only a couple of pounds in it and this is going to suit me better. I honestly feel great (on wk3 after 2 wks of SS). I don't think you should give up yet on the CD packs your getting everything your body needs, at least give 790 a try. Good luck!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Thanks but I almost feel like I'll letting her down and myself, plus I know I will lose so much less on 790 plan! I'm so confused, have been reading about this JUDD diet but I'm not 100% sure how it works!

The weight losses on 790 are the same as on SS.

Having done Atkins myself a few years ago, I would stick with CD if I were you.

However, you still cannot have four digestive biscuits on Atkins either!

I've lost weight on Atkins too. I read the book thoroughly so that I fully understood the concept behind it first (people who critice the diet generally think it is no carb which isn't correct).

I loved eating chichen, turkey, fish, pork, cheese, eggs etc on it with the right amount of carbs in my salad and it was great not to feel hungry....what I also liked was for others not to realise that I was dieting as I was eating a lot. I think it depends on what you are like - if you are used to eating vast quantities of food and feel you will really struggle on CD then it may well be the diet for you.
I agree Sweetpea...

When the weight was coming off people couldn't believe it when I was sat there eating a nice salad with grated cheese and "full-fat" mayo or watching me eat my 2 rashers of bacon with scrambled egg in the morning...

You're right there isn't a vast amount of variety but I used to really love my chicken breast with roasted peppers, cherry toms, red onion and feta cheese (all cooked in the oven with some virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and oregano...!) That was my favourite - delicious...!

H x
I'm back.........

Hey people,

Well after a month and a bit of doing nothing and eating what the hell I wanted, I managed to gain the 13lbs I lost on CD in september and I'm back up to 13st 5lbs!!!!:cry:

Anyway, moving onwards and upwards, I have decided to go back to CD and went back to see my CDC on Saturday to get some more packs!

If I get to a place where I can't cope this time round, I will def opt for the 790 plan!
I'm feeling really good this time round and I know you have to be in the right state of mind when ss'ing!

I started yesterday and I have stuck to ss'ing 100% so far but it's only day 2...wish me luck......AGAIN!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Good Luck!....again Hun!!!!

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