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the gym is a no no:break_diet:im afraid. because u r not having much in the way of calories you can only do very light excercise. ice moose said the other day about a man he knew that swam a lot of lengths every day and not lost weight he done a brisk walk 20 mins every day and lost 11lb in a week. so sorry hon cancel that membership unless you just do treadmill very slowly...:( hope this helps.xx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
All I have done in the last 11 weeks is swimming maybe twice a week. Nothing else!

Have lost 1lb off 4 stones in 11 weeks!

mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
i didn't do any exercise whilst ss, and lost 6 stone in 16wks, once i started up the plans i then introduced toning exercises for stomach etc, it is advisable in especially in the first 2wks of ss not to do any exercise as you are on such a low calorie intake. Good luck with what you decide, if you do go to the gym take it very easy, and don't do any cardio exercise.
Hiya i've been on SS for 5 weeks now and i use the gym twice a week, go swimming once a week and do a step and tone class once a week and this has never affected me. I wouldn't say that it has made me lose anymore weight but it's definately helping me tone up while the weight is dropping off. I was told by my councellor that exercise in moderation is fine so go for it, and once you've done a workout you feel so much better and positive. good luck x


The gym isn't a no no - you just have to be careful. It would be a wise idea to speak to an exercise professional (no, not your CDC unless he or she happens to be a personal trainer as well - believe me, there's a lot more to exercise prescription than what's included in the Cambridge training) and get a plan drawn up. It's perfectly possible to do moderate exercise whilst on CD, including cardio - key word being 'moderate'. Vigorous exercise is a bad idea, because your body can't keep up with the demands you're making on it. However, one person's 'gentle' is another person's 'moderate' is another person's 'vigorous' so use that gym membership, go and ask for a fitness assessment and a training plan that's appropriate for your nutritional intake.

But to answer the original question, you shouldn't be doing enough exercise on CD to have a noticeable effect on your weight loss - if you are, you need to be eating more.
I've gone to the gym throughout the time I've been doing LL - in the first 4 months I lost exactly 5 stone and during that time I was doing a couple of aqua classes a week, a couple of pilates classes and some visits just to the gym itself. I was told that exercise may slow me down but I was more wary of the fact that I'd be left with more saggy excess skin if I didn't do any - now while I still have the old jelly belly I've got to admit that it has firmed up and seems to have lifted while I've been doing the diet.

The last few weeks I've taken up cycling during my lunch time - I'm hoping that this will have a similar effect on my thighs as the other exercises had on my stomach.

I think that you will know if you want to exercise and you should do what you want to do - there may be pro's and con's to both and you just have to weigh them up - I wouldn't change the way I've done it though.


One Day at a Time
I agree with the above. As I said on another thread, you really have to listen to your own body. If you were about to join a gym I would say try and find one that would allow you to do a weeks trial; that way you can see how it goes before committing yourself; however, if you already have joined; all you can do is test the water. Like Kate said, vigorous exercise is not the way to go, however getting into good exercise habits now will help you keep the weight off. Why else would Cambridge reccomend exercise on their own website!
Hi United
I've exercised all the way through. I do step, core ball and dance classes. I have to say tho, that weeks I exercise more than usual my weight loss slows down, however it always catches up with a big loss a week or so later. For me, I think the exercise has really toned my legs and tummy. I do have to be careful though as I am one of the people who get terrible dizzy spells with VLCDs! If you exercise, just be careful.
Hello Everyone ...

Thanks for all the replies, some very good advice in there, I am starting AGAIN tomorrow so I will take it very easy for the first couple of weeks just swimming etc .....

Will keep you posted ...

Good luck with this week's losses !!! :)


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