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CD had changed my life............


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Im sitting here at work...... ok my tummy is a little sore.... But I feel like I am in a new body and a new person...I used to sit at work feeling yucky and demotivated and slumped over my desk..

Today Im sitting upright feeling good and confident.. Loving the sunshine have a top on which is slightly too big but feeling good in it..

I dont love myself as in think I look great but Im really starting to like what I see its a weird feeling but my confidence is so on the way back... its a little scary..

I spend alot longer bothering with myself and asking my husband if this looks ok and that looks ok.... I think Im driving him a bit mad to be honest.. but its because I feel so much better......

At work loads of men have come over and made comments to me..(which I must say Im not good I get embarrased) Your getting so skinny your disappear soon..and then this older man came up to me and said Have you lost lots :) of weight.... I said well I have lost weight he said I wish i was 40 years younger ..... YUCK!!!!! lol

Anwyay...... I LOVE CD so much I feel like I want to tell every person out there who is big that they must do it as its changed my life.. but obviously I cant and everyone is big for different reasons but I would love to change other lifes as I know how good I am feeling xxx
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What a lovely post to read ... I am so very pleased for you , so you should be pleased with yourself your doing so well i know your encouraging others,

it's so nice to start feeling good in your own skin after so long ! - i am driving hubby mad as well but i know he loves it as his getting his wife back the one he married not the fat depressive i had become ,

CD - can really change your life ,
Yay its a great positive post and sure this will motivate people struggling or just starting out! ... Youve came so far and you look so much younger in your new pic than when you started hope that doesnt offend you but im sure it wont cause you look amazing like a different person!

CD is great and its made me much more confident not to the point where id ever love myself i hate people like tha.. but I totally get your point of feeling happy in your own skin :)

Well done and youve inspired alot of people on here!


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Enjoy all the compliments - you've worked so hard to achieve them so spend some time basking in your achievements! It's a great feeling having your confidence come back isn't it? Well done!


can see the end in sight!
what a fab post! i am so happy for you! you look beautiful in your new pic, you can see the confidence radiating off you. well done!

I have been getting loads more comments, people at the pub have been treating me nicer (old yorkshire regulars) as if i am now worth talking to! which kinda p*sses me off as i was still pretty awesome when i was fatter!

i am bad at taking compliments too Curly, but im sure we'll get used to it!

Big H

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Great posts and I can identify with it entirely

When I did CD in 2006 I lost 102 pounds and the euphoria I felt was amazing. It completely chnaged my life.

A word of warning though - KEEP IT OFF, because there is nothing worse than having all that adulation and the lovely comments and then to have to face those same people when you have put it all back on.

Well done!!


can see the end in sight!
big h - good advice! It is my worst nightmare to get all this weight off and go back to australia at the end of the year and stack it all back on again so when i come back to the UK to visit boyfriends family etc they will see be fat again! never ever going to happen.
Yeh we need to make sure we keep it off thats the main goal we should have :D But im sure we will, it would take a hell of alot of food to put back on 2 stones , 3 stones or 4 stones or whatever! Hopefully in the future even if we have a fat day we only have to look at the fat photos to snap back into 100% healthy and NOT put this weight back on :D


Cambridge Consultant
Thats what I am so scared off..... but I know how I am feeling now and so hope I dont let that feeling go away...... I will tell everyone I know to give me a good keep up the a-- and tell me whatever they have to, to not let me ever get there again ... x
lovely thread curly, what a great feeling and it is contagious!
well i know personally how low i felt when i was 12 stone 5lbs that i will not let myself put it back on, yeh i may fluctuate i know ill put few lbs on here n there but not to the extreme of before

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WooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo YOU,

You look absolutly fantastic!!! You are a HUGE inspiration and I KNOW you WILL be able to maintain. You just have to remember how fab you feel now 'cause you get used to it very quickly and soon forget the hard work you've put in.



Going for Goal!
You are amazing Curly...I always look out for you on the threads, because your my little secret inspiration! ;)

I just love how positive and supportive you are with everyone (including me) and I want to say a massive THANKYOU for making this forum a little more brighter each day :)

Big Hugs x x x


Cambridge Consultant
You are amazing Curly...I always look out for you on the threads, because your my little secret inspiration! ;)

Awww Emma, that is so sweet... I am glad I am helping others..

I just love how positive and supportive you are with everyone (including me) and I want to say a massive THANKYOU for making this forum a little more brighter each day :)

I sometimes post and think I bore people and go on . but Im glad you like my posts.. your doing fab hon keep smiling xx:)


This is the last time!!
It's always so inspiring to see such achievements, well done you!


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Back after my 3 week work trip abroad and WHOA!!!!! You have done so well Curly, and your new pic is AWESOME. Be proud... you are such an inspiration and also a support to all of us on here. Enjoy the buzz, and get used to it... liking yourself... feeling good... it's allowed! You're a star, Jess, big hugs.



Wow! Good for you sweetie, good to see you rocking that CD plan!

You look tiny in your avatar pic btw!

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