CD has turned me into an insomniac!!!

I feel soooo tired.... but can't sleep. I go to bed and just lay there awake, even though i spend all day feeling tired and that i could fall asleep at any time.... but here we are again, it's late and i have spent the last hour trying to catch some zzzzzz..... but no luck!!!
I'm so gonna feel like crap tomorrow.
Has any one else been suffering from this while on SS CD.
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i'm a nurse and don't think i could take the pills, i need to be up at 6am at the latest and would worry to much about sleeping in or been to groggy at work from them. Plus i need to be ok to wake throught the night as i have a 5 months old baby who on occasion wakes for a night feed.


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There is something u can buy from the chemist(can't think of the name), but they help u to sleep and they r not strong so u will have no problem waking up in the morning.


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I've been having trouble sleeping too and when i do fall asleep i'm up really early the next morning. I think i read in another thread on minimins that it could be due to your body getting used to the low calories we consume on CD. The body actually needs calories to sleep so maybe its all just trying to sort itself. Maybe you will sleep better once you're a few weeks into CD and you're body is used to living off so little calories.

In the meantime, why dont you try having a nice warm bubble bath before bed or putting some lavender on your pillow to help you sleep. I guess you could try the mild sleeping pills or any herbal sleep remedies but i would check with your CDC and the pharmacist to make sure they are ok to take with CD.

I hope your sleeping gets better. xx


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i have trouble sleeping too, sometimes its because i keep thinking about been slim and having a boob job lol!! but alot of the time i just cant drop off, but when i do i wake up really early and can get back to sleep again!


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I find I can be up until 1am and awake at 7am, raring to go! It's just the increase in energy levels and the lack of carbs, I'm sure.
Before CD I used to eat whatever and be falling asleep as my blood sugars crashed. Now I don't have that problem and get so much more done.
I'm looking on it as a positive! :)


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I'm having a mix of everything at the moment really. Sometimes I am laid awake at 3am and other nights I am struggling to keep my eyes open at

I'm hoping it will just settle down over the next few weeks :D