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CD luxury is....


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
.....eating a bar in the bath! :0bathtime:

Get the bath how you want it (e.g. throw everybody out, lock door, bubbles, candles, music, etc. etc.) then lie back and eat bar v-e-r-y slowly, savouring every bite. :p Then, last thing (very important this last bit - adds that note of decadence!), lick all the melted chocolate off the inside of the packet! :D :angeldevil:

Bliss!! :character00238:

(PS. What's your definition of CD luxury?!)
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Cambridge Consultant
Excellent hon!!! I might try it..

Hmmm for me my cd luxury has got to be my mix - a mousse which I might add I hated to start of with.. has to be strawberry or choc mint.. Get it ready...... sit on the couch and enjoy every b-oody mouthful off it cant wait for my one tonight seeing as I did not have one last night!!!! YEHHHHHHHH !!! the luxuries huh. x


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Excellent!! :D I too love mix-a-mousse but I'm normally too lazy to make one (or I remember when it's too late), so good on ya!

Now that you've reminded me how lovely they are, I AM going to go and do one now in preparation for my tea - so thanks! :) (Probably not best eaten in the bath though - a tad messy?! :p)

BTW, my next CD luxury will be eating my bar on a hot sunny beach, washed down with lots of lovely black European coffee (they seem to make it so much better than us!). :)
I think I found mine yesterday - Banana tetra in the freezer so it turns into banana icecream! Its my favourite and I feel like I'm having a treat! Yum
make up a shake and pour it into ice lolly moulds then freeze..........mmmmmmmmmmm. Very very nice eaten in the bath, in the garden, on the sofa....................etc
my fav is to crumble half a peanut bar into the bottom of a glass, then make up half a mint choc shake with mix-a-mousse and pour on top of the bar.
i have trouble waiting for it to set in the fridge.
will keep this as pudding when off diet i think...mmmm

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