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CD soups


I WILL be thin!!
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After trying the disgusting cheese and broccoli soup last night and binning it, I'm reluctant to try the rest I have. I've got vegetable, chicken and mushroom, leek and potato, spicy tomato and oriental chilli.
Which ones are bad and which ones are awful?
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I'm not a fan of any of the soups bar chicken and mushroom but each to their own i'm afriad! I hated the vegetable one and the cheese and broccoli...the leek and potato is ok, same with the spicy tomato!
But its all down to personal taste...
you need to finish the shakes/soups even if you dont like it, so have a tub of chilli/curry powder handy to help spice things up to make them easier to go down! lol


I WILL be thin!!
S: 10st11.7lb C: 10st7.7lb G: 9st10.7lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.64%)
I tried the apple and cinnamon porridge and it was awful. I have the plain one but I darent try that as that must be worse.


jelly belly
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give me the shakes everytime
cant stomach any of the soups i used to gag
others have raved about the tomato thought so its a case of try once and see
i stick to shakes though


Skinny girl in a fat body
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I feel quite lucky actually as I like nearly all of the CD stuff. The soups I like are Vegetable, Chilli and Chicken and Mushroom. I dont like Leek and Potato, Cheese and Broccoli and Tomato. I like all of the shakes except Choc. Orange, I like the chocolate tetra, all of the bars, but I hate and despise the porridge.


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I love the tomato and the oriental chili but as others have said, it's all down to personal taste. I'm not mad about the choc mint and yet people rave about it here and I love both the porridges and others not so much. Try what you have and see how it goes


Shrinky Pinky!
Tomato and oriental chilli for me - the vegetable was a let-down (bland), and I tried another leek and potato yesterday and felt slightly queasy. The first one I had seemed quite nice, the second sludgy and pungent. Totally with you on broccoli and cheese - it was the first I tried and I concluded the remainder had to be better... which they were with two clear 'leaders'! It should have been so nice...
I just finished a lovely chicken and mush soup with a sprinkle of curry powder.

It was yummy...
I also like potato and leak and mushroom!

Try not to let the bad experiences put you off....
You can do this and really want to be slim, so you will find your way through with the packs you will find that you like :)



can see the end in sight!
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The soups are vile in my opinion. I stick to bars shakes and porridge now! The chilli is the least vile.

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