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CD...The best

I was on CD for 12 weeks and lost the most weight I have ever lost. Now I'm calorie counting and going to the gym but it's still not shifting.

I think after my holiday I will be back on CD unless things start moving.

Has anyone else noticed that CD seems to be the only way they can loose weight?
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I have to agree. I tried many times in the past to lose weight and generally gave up because the results weren't coming fast enough. CD is by far the easiest and quickest quickest way I have ever lost weight. So I'm back on it now and I hope I don't have the problems I did before that stopped me from seeing it through.
Me too I've been dieting for about 25 years and most recently tried WW and SW both which barely worked for me.
This has been the best and easiest way :)
Erm your stats belie what you just said! :D

It is shifting,it's just not shifting as fast as it did on CD. ;)

This is totally normal. Doing a VLCD can quite often have the effect of slowing your metabolism and it can take a while for your body to adapt and get back to normal. You also tend to lose weight faster (even on a non-VLCD diet) when you have more to lose!

It's entirely up to you at the end of the day. If you still feel like you have a big chunk of weight to lose then maybe going back to CD in the short-term would be the right thing for you.

However, you need to remember that there is life after CD as well! What you are doing now is obviously OK cos you have not regained, you are still losing even if it's slow and presumably you are having a full range of foods and exercising too.

Going back to CD for odd periods is not harmful and might be a good way for you to maintain in the long-term, as long as you don't get iinto the yoyo cycle of putting it ALL back on then whipping it off again with CD, cos that's probably the most dangerous thing you can do to your body in dieting terms.

I'm wondering if you worked up the plans when you finished your CD last month though? It seems to me from what I have read on here that doing this properly is one of the most essential, and also most often overlooked, things you need to do to be able to sustain your weightloss in the long term. :)

Maybe you need to go back on 810, 1000 or even 1200 til you are a bit closer to your ultimate goal?
Erm your stats belie what you just said! :D

It is shifting,it's just not shifting as fast as it did on CD. ;)
But just 2lbs lost in a month, that isn't really shifting, it's more like maintaining.

We are all different so diets can give varying results for each of us. If you find one that works, it's usually best to stick with it.

How many calories are you having per day lyndzi76? Also, did you start going to the gym since starting calorie counting??
I knew it was going to be slow once I stopped CD but 2 lb is daft as I'm only on 1200 cals and going to the gym 4/5 times a week.

I'm happy I can maintain now so come the beginning of September I'm back on CD.

I didn't work up the plans stupidly I went from SS, SS+, 1000.


having been an ex CD user and watching the weight come off fast and then regaining plus some I know how enticing that fast weightloss is, but I could not maintain at the other end so I know this paln does not work for me so i'm going down a more conventional route this time.

However I have noticed in the past couple of months since I started using the gym 4/5 times a week that my weightloss has dramatically slowed down.

It turns out I am committing a cardinal sin of exercising right before my weigh in on further investigating it seems that during a session at the gym your body can retain fluid and you can put on as much as 2 lb :eek:

Are you doing this? its just a thought.

I personally dont believe that theres only one diet that works, it may be the only one that suits you but I do believe if you follow each plan properly they will work and help you lose weight.

I have lost weight on calorie counting, rosemary conley, WW, CD and now SW which I believe is my personal preference.

Ultimately it was my own greed that made me put the weight back on, you just have to decide which plan suits your lifestyle and commit to it 98% ;):D I'm never fully 100% (but its working)

Good luck and well done on all your losses :D
I don't think you're eating enough.

If your stats are current you have a BMR (the rate at which you would use calories to maintain your current weight even if you stayed in bed all day) of approx 1700 cals per day. So on 1200 cals you would expect to lose about 1lb of fat a week.

Add your exercise on and I reckon your maintenance level is probably at least 2100. If you're only eating 1200 and doing all this exercise you are probably burning muscle tissue as well as fat which means you will be compromising your metabolism and slowing it right down.

Now I'm not an expert in this area by any means but since starting my VLCD it's something that I've found to be absolutely fascinating and that I'm trying to learn more about.

My advice to you would be to either exercise a little less or eat a little more, and importantly eat the right type of foods too. So complex carbs before you go to the gym to give you energy to work out - pasta, cereal, wholemeal toast, something alomg those lines. Then protein and simple carbs straight after for recovery, meat, eggs, and possibly a glass of sweetened soya milk or a protein shake, maybe some fruit. Normal balanced diet for the rest of the day.

Just some ideas for you to think about.........
If I'm not eating enough why did I loose weight on CD?

I will give a few of these ideas a go. I need to do something as i'm really frustrated.

x x x
I wouldn't know if you are eating enough or not, but CD is a very strict diet carefully designed to allow the minimum amount of calories in a safe and controlled way. Calorie counting has many more varying factors, so will give different results.
Yeah that.

Even though CD is so low in calories they are the right sort of calories, in the right mix of protein/carbs/fat.

I'm not sure how it all works (although I have been researching doing an HND/Alevel in human biology and nutrition next year :eek: cos I'm interested to learn about how it all works) but I know that if you don't have those proportions right it can effect your metabolism. If you are doing a lot of exercise without replacing the energy lost with the right stuff it can effect your metabolism too.

I'm not a scientist (yet lol) so I can only advise you on the research I have done myself and my own personal experience.

Stating the obvious says if you are taking in less calories than you are using on a daily basis then you will need to get the extras from your body's stores and you should lose weight. Your stats say that you are losing weight, just more slowly than you might expect when you do the maths. So logic says that there is a reason why you are losing so slowly, and it will be to do with your body and your metabolism, but why that should be or what's happening to you in there is a mystery! The most likely answer is that your body is using up the "wrong" stores if it's not getting the "right" balance of nutrition in..........

One of the diet facts I have learned over the years for example is that you don't lose weight on a 1500-cal-a-day diet if all those calories come from crisps, chocolate and wine for instance! :eek: :D

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