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CD to Atkins

Hi guys

I have been on cambridge for some time on and off. I'm getting married in 2 months time n I really want to lose another 8-9lbs but I'm sick of the bars n shales and I want to eat and be normal!!

I know that Atkins isn't 100% normal but compared to CD it will be a walk in the park lol the only thing that is putting me off is the high fat content in the recommended recipes on their website. Also with CD u get all ur daily nutrition through the packs and I'm scared I might get really weak with Atkins if I don't get the nutrients.

I always ate healthy and stayed away from high fat things the thing that made me gain was my portions n not wot I was eating!

So I guess wot I'm asking is can u do a low fat Atkins? Has anyone here moved from CD? Xx
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Im kind of doing a low fat atkins but more a low cal low carb own diet :) Dukan is more low fat low carb if you want to look at that? (there is a forum on here)
I don't really understand dukan even though someone did kindly explain it to me!
I want something easy just sick of thinking about food lol But I think like u I will also calorie count.

Since I only have half a stone to lose do I start in phase 2 or do I just start in phase 1?
i'd do the two week induction ( but thats just me ) just to get yourself in the right frame of mind and into the discipline . But yes , you could start in phase two if you wanted !


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Im kind of doing a low fat atkins but more a low cal low carb own diet :) Dukan is more low fat low carb if you want to look at that? (there is a forum on here)
I didnt know you could do lower cal? How many cals do you aim for daily?? Are you on extended induction atm? :)


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Hi princess,

I dont know much about CD. But I've found the Atkins WOE quite easy to follow and despite a few hiccups, I feel quite good about it.

Congrats on your weight loss so far!!


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Why not see how you go with induction? You might love it and be happy to stay on it for the two weeks :)
I just don't know if I can last on 20g carbs a day! That's nothing! Even with CD I was having about 40g or so, let's see if I can do it..
This is the sort of daily food I'm planning to have:

B - Scrambled eggs cooked with flora cuisine oil and maybe a sausage
L - salad with some grilled chicken or tuna or prawns
D- grilled chicken or cod or beef steak with broccoli and mushrooms or other non starchy veg..

Does this sound ok? Xx


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Sounds pretty good to me - maybe a bit more leafy greens, like spinach or cabbage?

And lots of water :)
Cool thank u lady I look forward to starting it properly on Monday even though I really did start today but I had a few drinks so I guess it doesn't properly count lol
i'm on cd at mo and intend to do atkins for my holiday and maybe plan to move after to lose my last few pounds. so will be watching you with intrest. good luck hun
Thanks tinkerbell I just couldn't stomach another bar or shake really needed to eat! Lol I'll let u know how my WI goes next week fingers crossed ;-) x
Im kind of doing a low fat atkins but more a low cal low carb own diet :) Dukan is more low fat low carb if you want to look at that? (there is a forum on here)

Did you read that Pierre Dukan just lost a very high profile and expensive libel case, in France, where he sued a dietician who said the Dukan diet is unhealthy and dangerous (cancer-causing, for one thing) and unsustainable long-term AND merely a copy of many other protein-based, ketogenic diets?

This is serious, and may cost Dukan a fortune. He and his theories have been found wanting in court at a very high level. Not only does he have to pay the court costs, he has been FINED, personally, for bringing the case!

The World Health Organisation recently declared Dukan one of the top five dangerous fad diets. I am very well aware that Atkins is often badly criticised and because of this it has adapted and changed whilst still keeping to the essence of Dr. Atkins core idea.

Something to chew on, there! And I bought the damn Dukan book just to check it out. No use to me (luckily!) as I knew beforehand, because I am vegetarian lol.
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By the way I moved from CD to Atkins many moons ago and have never regretted it. A natural progression, it seems to me, and Atkins is misunderstood. If you buy the latest Atkins book A New You, you will find tons of advice on eating vegetables and low-sugar fruits. I think this is a most healthy way of eating!

Good luck and if you decide to join the Atkinsers here, welcome!
Thanks girly, I started on Monday have cheated a couple of times buy TOTM and I just fancy something sweet so not worried! I have about 6 weeks to lose 8lbs x

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