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CD to look good and feel good...and get pregnant??

I was until Sunday 208 pounds. I'm doing CD sole source plus (well, my own plus...I leave out one sachet per day and have cauliflauer or spinach or broccoli --- but more than the 2 tbsp they say you can have) I've lost 8lbs this week so far and am hoping to hit 10 lbs by Sunday.

I desperately want another baby. Did 3 cycles of IVF to get my first one (now almost 18 months) and another three cycles since January. Had a m/c, then a BFN, then an ectopic. I could really do with some inspiring stories of people who responded poorly to IVF drugs and yet who, when they lost weight, managed a BFP either naturally or when they tried IVF at a lower weight...

TIA for any inspiring stories...
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I don't have an inspiring story sorry - but just wanted to say that I don't think 208lbs is very big and I very much doubt this would be affecting your fertility.

Good on you for losing weight & it will certainly make you feel more healthy for your next pregnancy but please don't beat yourself up over your weight affecting your chances - the ectopic was definitely nothing to do with this & the m/c most likely wasn't either.

I hope you get your sticky BFP very soon hun xx
It is essential you have all three packs what you are doing is below nutritional safety levels. Three packs contain 100% RDA folic acid which is important when trying to conceive. You will also be depriving yourself of one third of all the other nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

You should be in optimum health following CD and trying for a baby, this will not be the case if you follow just 2 packs and some veg. Weightloss will also be slower in the longer term.

Quite a lot of women become pregnant when using CD or because they have lost weight using CD.

Hope all goes well for you, please take all three packs to ensure your safety.

Hi, I did CD and lost nearly 5 stones after trying to conceive for 18months. I didn't have any medical treatment and fell pregnant naturally. My CDC said I was the 3rd person to fall pg while doing the CD with her.

Unfortunately, I stopped doing the diet and have since put all the weight back on although I have a gorgeous 7mth old son and am getting back on track with the good ole CD. Looking after my son and sole sourcing is very easy as he keeps me very busy. My plan is to really go for it this time and when I try for another baby in at LEAST a yrs time I'll hopefully not have the stress of TFAB that happened before our son was conceived.

Well I only did CD for just short of 3 weeks, then I did SW. I am quite a large girl, and just found out I am PG. I have lost just over 2 stone, and got PG the first month we tried, however this my second child, and it took us 8 years to have the first one. I never got a chance to get IVF as I was considered too large so they would never help us. Just seemed that the last two times I have lost weight, I fall PG. But I am 2stone heavier than I was last time I got PG and I have PCOS!
MY full story is:http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/55534-lose-frump-gain-bump-thread.html
sorry don't have any inspiring story for you just wanted to wish you luck with your journey
Hi Terry, I am starting once again on SS+ on 08/09/08. lost 2 stone last time for my 2nd stab at IVF, but nothing happened. I to have had 2 cycles of IVF privately now and have produced on both occasions grade 8 high quality eggs and I am starting my diet again to lost weight for my frozen cycle maybe towards the end of November, depending on how I feel... I would love to keep in touch with you so we can encourage eachother on and talk about our experience with the upcoming treatment - wishing all the luck in the world..
if you are going privatley, i know a great place to get your IVF drugs package from - my clinic was quoting me £1300, and I got them for £409 after alot of searching and recommendation...jacqui45uk