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CD vs Atkins

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I know that CD is a VLCD which Atkins isn't but as both aim for ketosis are there any other similiarities.

I always struggle on a Wednesday but especially today as I'm sure I've only lost 1/2lb so far this week which added to last weeks 1lb is getting me down. I had hoped to lose 1 stone before the 24th May and thats looking less and less likely.
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I have done Atkins before but only for a short time as it actually made me gain weight. I think one thing you can be sure of with CD is that you will lose. It may not be a huge amount every week but it will even out and will come off. Not that I am a nutritionist but from my personal experience Atkins is not good. You are taking in a hell of a lot of fat and eating a lot of red meat. I think the nutritional balance of CD is what makes Ketosis a safe state to be in. Hopefully someone with a better knowledge will come along and help you. Good luck with everything.


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I will also be interested to see further replies to this thread, as people keep saying to me that eventually I will just be able to swop over to Atkins instead of going through maintenance, due to the ketosis aspect of the diets.

But is this really true? I know that Atkins includes greens etc. now (unlike the original diet) but I'm wondering which diet is best for 'retraining the brain' nutrition-wise. CD is so good for me right now that I'm inclined to stick to it, but another point of view would be useful and informative.


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From what I've seen Atkins if what you make of it! You can have veggies and lower fat meat variety things on Atkins but you have to find them ;-)

Never done Atkins though so can't really compare them otherwise.



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The only similarity between CD and Atkins is the ketosis thing, which doesn't mean a lot anyway :D

I don't think Atkins is particularly unhealthy. As Lostris says, it depends how you do it. The low-fat brigade will say it is and probably produce evidence, and the high-fat brigade will say it isn't and also produce evidence :D

Weight-wise, obviously cambridge is quicker. You will lose weight if you do the diet. With Atkins it's a little more to do with what you eat. Remember that it's reduced calories that reduce the weight...nothing to do with carbs.

CD is a short term plan. Follow the plans up and you will be out of ketosis and have a similar glycogen load as the average Joe bloggs down the road.

Atkins dieters, are encouraged to stay on the plan for life, though of course, for maintenance, the would be eating more carbs, but probably less than good old Joe Bloggs.

Personally, though I've done the Atkins diet on a number of occasions, these days I tend to favour moderation in all food groups, so I wouldn't do it for that reason. I also wanted a plan that would encourage me to come safely back to some form of normality and give me the confidence to live again without a 'diet' as such. Cambridge are one of the very few diets that could give me that.


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I tried Atkins years ago but it wasn't for me. I didn't see how eating all that meat and fat was going to teach me anything. I appreciate it may have changed since I first tried it (when they were selling it on TV!) but personally I don't think it's a great diet...and it's no coincidence that when Dr Atkins died he was severely overweight and suffering with heart disease!
But, that's my humble opinion! Good luck to anyone who tries it! :D


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and it's no coincidence that when Dr Atkins died he was severely overweight and suffering with heart disease!
In all fairness to Dr Atkins, just because you develop a diet that many people can do without a problem, doesn't mean you can do it ;)

Also, much of the things reported are untrue. Lots of people have heart attacks regardless of their diet.

The extra weight (think it was something like 60lbs) was gained mainly in hospital due to massive organ failure if I remember rightly. Not necessarily diet related...just these things happen regardless.:sigh:


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All diets work - if you stick to them. That's always gonna be the tricky bit. Go low fat - you're gonna want a big cheesy pizza at some point. Go low carb - that French stick is going to call to you until you're foaming at the mouth... :p

VLCDs? You lose weight a little bit quicker (3-4 pounds a week instead of 1-2 pounds a week). You get to where you want to be that bit faster - so that you can figure out the really tricky bit - how to stay where you want to be...


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All diets work - if you stick to them.
Even that depends. Diets with free foods I found easy, but usually ate too much free food (think 1 baby lamb a day on Atkins :D)

instead of 1-2 pounds a week).
Now, I would have been happy with 1-2lbs a week on a more conventional diet, but it never happened like that. More like

W.1 -3lbs
w.2 - STS
w.3 - 1/2lb
w.4 - STS
w.5 - +1 lb

Sigh. Though I did lose 6 stone on SW at one time, and though I stuck with the rules, I ate so badly :eek:

Free foods = 1 slice of chicken
24U (now healthy extras) - 2 slices of bread
Syns = 1/2 mars bar (or similar)
Enough coffee to keep me awake (with some milk in a few of them)

That was it...for months. Lost weight. Congratulated by the leader for doing so well. Load of baskets of fruit for slimmer of the week (which I gave away) but gosh, wasn't 'arf poorly after a couple of months. Didn't break any rules though :clap: :D
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I personally LOVED atkins when I did it a while back. The main thing I enjoyed about it was that I was never hungry as your in such strong Ketosis. Also if you are hungry - you eat! Also your metabolism is kept nice and strong as you are still eating a bucket load of calories. I lost as quickly on atkins as I did on CD. My main problem is Im not a heavy meat eater at the best of times and eating steaks and burgers with cheese just wasnt for me... i found I craved fruit non stop on the diet!

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