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  1. paul1978

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    Now, first off I realise that Im likely to get biased messages here as this is on the CD board :) But please try not to be too biased.

    Has anyone tried The Atkins Diet ? If so, how effective was it ? How easy was it ? How much was it, was it cheaper or more expensive than CD (Its prob more expensive but just want to check) ?
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    without being at all biased...i hated Atkins!
    Not only was it expensive, but your more likely to have a heart attach with all the meat/cheese/eggs etc and there is no guarentee of getting your daily neutriants! the amount of salad your allowed in relation to the rest of the food is unnatural! euch! get all the goodness you simple as that...and in comparison its a lot cheaper!
    I much prefer CD to Atkins.......imho
    Hope that helps
  4. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Will try not to be biased, as I believe most diets work, it's just finding the right one for you.

    Personally, I lost quite well for the first few weeks (give or take a bit here and there :D), but I then plateaued big time. That was my experience. Jim has done brilliantly though on it, so we are all different :)

    I found it easy. A few carb cravings but that will happen on CD too.

    I found Atkins to be more expensive.

    Atkins fitted in with my social eating life better. It felt more 'normal'...I could 'hide' it more easily. The first couple of times, I felt very well on it.

    With CD, the weight came off much quicker. It was easier to prepare meals, and avoid accidental 'cheating'. Getting away from food at the beginning was better for me. Most importantly was the weight came off quicker with CD and continued to come off most weeks until goal.

    Thats what I wanted more than the cons of social eating etc. So CD was the best choice for me :)
  5. herewego

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    I've done the Atkins diet and didn't like it. The amount of fat you eat made me feel slightly sick all the time, although the weight losses were good. I can't remember how much I lost, but probably around 2lbs per week but I ate loads.

    I much preferred the South beach diet to Atkins which is a lower fat high protein diet. I loved that, but after the initial strict 2 weeks I did my usual of flexing the diet too much until it was no longer a diet but just weeks and weeks of days off ;)

    That's why I'm doing CD - it's harder to cheat. I'm not sure if that makes sense but that's how it feels anyway.

    My aim is to loosely stick to south beach guidelines (similar to CD guidelines I think) once I am maintaining.

    Oh and it was very expensive!! In order to get variety I ended up spending a fortune on fish, nuts and different meats...I guess you could live on mince and turkey which would be cheaper...
  6. YoyoEm

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    I tried Atkins for a week. It gave me terrible headaches and I felt really sick!
    Will try to eat a lot less carbs at the end of this, but don't think I could ever do pure Atkins!
  7. Lexie_dog


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    SW, minimal bread!
    I did Atkins and ate loads of veggies, I enjoyed the plan and loved the food. Socially more flexible than CD. I felt great on it, full of energy

    The only thing that made me switch was for me, personally the weight loss wasn't quick enough. I lost 4lbs in a fortnight and switched to CD. That was the only reason

    Cost wise I would say roughly similar. I got my meat from local markets, and veggies from asda etc. Veggie wise I was eating mugs of salad, mushrooms etc and found the allowance for veggies in the early stages acceptable. Its more than you would get on CD for veggie allowance anyway :) (again in the early stages)

    Theres a lot of knee jerk to Atkins about how its unhealthy and its just all meat, but honestly I really enjoyed it, plus the Atkins board on here are all a lovely bunch. Very helpful if you need some help going over your menus etc.

    Also please please please read the book.
  8. kerryberry

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    i did atkins when i was bridesmaid it really hard going i found it boring and the bad breath thing was a real issue more than on CD and the weight loss is good on the first week or so but then levels out and its expensive i also got loads of tummy upsets from tesco prawns. very easy to deviate

    but you could me more food than on a normal diet but i got bored of the protien style snacks very quickly
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