CD Water Flavourings

I started SS (again..) on Monday and bought the water flavourings from my CDC but it wasn't until last night I read in the CD booklet that Water Flavourings are only allowed after 2nd week :( I had tons of water with flavourings since Mon and don't think I've gone into ketosis yet. Does anyone know if the water flavours affects ketosis?.. which would mean I'm starting from scratch today :cry:
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The Diet Guy

A few people have been affected by the flavouring which is why the guidance is like it is but most people are fine.

My advice therefore is to just keep having the packs and the water and you'll be absolutely fine.

Well done on doing the first 2 days and ketosis will be here hopefully by the weekend and you'll be losing fat for fun.

Thank you for your advice and support. I've not touched the flavouring today and really hope ketosis kicks in by weekend because that's mainly snacks/treats cravings are worst!