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Can hug her knees :)
I don't really know if it would be okay, I had a few left from when I tried with them before and decided not to use them as after a few days on cd you don't feel hungry, and I knew when I stopped reductil i was really hungry, I didn't use them besacuse I didn't want to mess with the way cd works


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I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't risk it. The hunger will only last a couple of days, keep yourself busy, the hunger will soon disappear. I think it is more of a mental thing anyway, and think you will get the cravings with or without the reductil. Good luck which ever way you go.
Hi dibzzy

The thought certainly crossed my mind when I started CD, knowing that I would feel hungry for a few days and wanting to do anything that would make it possibly easier (because this time I so want to lose the weight and keep it off - very good motivator!)
Would agree with misspinkkat - mixing the two sounds as if it would be counter-productive given that CD is specifically designed to ensure that we don't have hunger (or minimal hunger, which is maybe more psychological than physical).
I am also wondering if there would be more complex dangers in combining two very different approaches, don't know the physiology/pharmacology ins and outs (20 years since I daydreamed out the window at a school of nursing) but perhaps one of our regulars will.
I am a person that is driven crazy by hunger (I posted here in my first week that I came close to snatching a pie out the hand of an unfortunate man walking past me at a shopping centre - his crime? he wasn't eating it quick enough!) but really you will be fine once you get past the first few days, drink lots of water and I find black coffee (decaff would be healthier) useful.
Good Luck!

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