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CD1000 for last stone - I'm struggling

what are you struggling with hun? I'm doing step 2ss thus eeeeek and step 3 next week. Had an attempt at step 3before but just couldn't bring myself to eat the carbsdo didn't follow step properly, had a crappy week, lost 1lb and went back to ssh +. However I'm now only 7lbs off target so need to be working back up steps. they're not easy, this time I'll follow them to the letter (hopefully). Hope it gets easier x
I am struggling with the carbs and the guilt from having the carbs (if that makes sense?) I feel as though I'm doing something naughty or cheating - punishment for the few blips I had on SS I guess:rolleyes:

Life in general is hard at the moment and my mojo seems to have gone - the last two weeks I have eaten all the wrong things in the wrong quantities:sigh:

I have been back on 1000 properly (well as properly as I do - still cutting low on carbs:( sometimes) since Sunday and weigh in is tonight but I am expecting my first gain since re-starting after having my two year old.

Anyway, moan over - THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying:p:):D. I had originally written a long waffling text but deleted it after 20 people had read it and not 1 replied - felt a bit deflated TBH:cry:

I will try harder this week with the carbs and hope to lose those pesky lbs by next weigh in.

Take care
Another 1000cal dieter here. I felt strange 1st day doing it like I shouldn't be eating cereal and carbs , but what you gotta think is you are so close to goal. You have to start eating normally again. I keep telling myself carbs aren't the enemy and I can't avoid them forever. Ease them in gently. Cous cous is the best for me so far. Im not ready to introduce bread quite yet though as that could be dangerous....make me want to eat the whole loaf.
I hope things get easier for you. We should keep in contact as there don't seem to be many on this plan posting much.
Take care

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I hear you love, its not easy is it! had the exact same issue myself when I attempted cd1000! I think when i move back up i'll follow the book exactly, be just as strict as now but with food instead of shakes. So for dinner if I fancy my usual chicken and veg, i'll have that but boil the 40gs of rice even if I don't fancy them and have them as like medicine. It sounds daft as that's what you crave in the beginning but now its the last thing i want!!!

You know I dont think many cd 1000ers come on here as Ive written a couple of qs and got no answers but lots of people read. I think thats just the newbies though wanting to read every single thread so they may not feel they're in the right place to advise.

We should start our own happy clappy cd1000 team thread to support each other, as I think this is where the hard work begins!!! xxxx
We should keep in contact as there don't seem to be many on this plan posting much.
Take care

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Can I get involved too please? I know this is going to be the hardest part so far and really need the support if im to get through it. Im on step 2 this week, moving to step 3 next week, so I can wait on the curb outside till then if you like ;)
ps can I just say you've both done bloody marvellously, I can't believe how lovely it feels being so close to goal, love cd!
shrinkin'violet said:
We should start our own happy clappy cd1000 team thread to support each other, as I think this is where the hard work begins!!! xxxx
Yes!!! Yes we should. This is where the real hard work starts. Gotta start living and eating life again. Make it work for real. Cd is a fantastic weight loss tool but not a long time solution. it's changed my life but now I need to change my behaviour towards food. Not live on powdered space dust for a day longer than I need to.

We can do this ladies!! I'm with you all the way :)


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Awesome :) well like I said I'm on step 2 at mo, will move up mon most likelyor very possibly monday week depending on this weeks loss. As of mondays WI I've got exactly 7 lbs to get to my target of 11.4 (bmi under 25). Where are you guys off your target? X
Well I look forward to ya joining us.

I'm 5lbs off my target of 10.7 but I think it's going to take me a while. I have lots of events coming up and in going to be eating normally for them so I've given myself till end of November to reach my target. I then think i will try till end of feb to maintain that weight before deciding if I want to lose more!


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Good Morning Lovely Ladies, I am totally in agreement about our CD1000 club:D This is really the hardest part ( I never got this far previously - I fell pregnant on 810 last time I did CD:8855: )

Last night at weigh in I gained 2lbs:rolleyes: I had pretty much guessed that I would have done and I'm damn lucky that it hadn't been more!

So back to wanting to lose 13lbs to get to my goal of 10st 7lbs.

I spoke to my CDC about my issues with the carbs and she told me that as I still want to lose some weight and not maintain just yet, that I should 810 but up the protein, the fruit & veg and cut out the carbs in the evening. The extra fruit and veg will give me more carbs and calories anyway but I won't have the worry about having too much of actual pasta, rice etc.

I can see where she is coming from but I might just stick to the 1000 plan 100% and see how this week goes first - like you said, take the carbs like medicine;)

Having said that, I left my shakes at home this morning as I was late up! My boss let me go out so I have been to the shop and bought some salad leaves, chicken and fruit.

Have a good day

Take care xx
for the last few weeks ive been doing what your cdc advised, upping my colories to 1000 with fruit and more protein just to get my body used to the extra cals without the carbs and it worked really well for me, and now i'm dropping the extra fruit again and introducing the scary carbs and i didnt get the 1st week gain i was worried about. see how it goes for you hun :) xx

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