CDC Conference

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Anyone know the usual format for the conference?

Things I need to know are:
What time does it end (trying to decide if OH is going to drop me off & then go off for the day or should I drive myself?)
What is the dress code (need to keep an eye out for something to wear, at the moment I only have a limited maternity wardrobe!)
When do they let you know if you are going? I sent my cheque off - so hopefully I will get my place!


Nicky :)
CDC Swindon
Found this on te pink site - so will reply to myself incase anyone is interested!!

Hello All,

Smart casual / business dress.

Aiming to finish around 4.30pm!

Look forward to meeting you all.

Cheers, Kerensa
PR Executive - Cambridge
Hi there!

Who else is going to the conference?
Diane53 and I are meeting up and staying together on the Saturday night.

Nicky, see you there!

I will be there and bringing my mum with me as she is counsellor now as well.