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CDC Dilemma

Hi all

I would like your advice on this matter. I have been to see my CDC two times so far and she is really nice etc the only thing is I think she is giving me false information after reading things in more details on here.
For example my BMI is above 40 and she has not made me go to the doctors, she offered a form before she knew my BMI if I wanted to take it to the Doctors but has not told me I defo need to go and get the form signed before starting and have been on it a week already.
She also allowed me to buy the bars the first week and this week and after reading on here is says they should be started after week 2.
Last night I brought the Veg flavouring and she said you could have as much as you wished in a day, on here the rules state on serving a day. Also from the book we shouldn't have been given it until after wk2.
She has also told me that you can have the odd diet coke Zero, which according to the rules is a no no really.
And what worries me more are her scales. I weigh at home and mine are about 8lbs! different to hers, now I know scales are different but my partner also goes and on our scales hers are 6lbs out, so I have really no clue whos are at fault.
I am thinking about changing to a different one, but then we could end up worse off and like I say she is nice and supportive.
Any advice would be great
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Hiya claire, I would be less worried about the scales as long as the differences are consistent...
Check yours against a reliable one like boots or soemthing so you know exactly how far out hers are... its the losses you are interested in right now...
As for the advice...
This is a personal bugbear for me, as because Now I have a wonderful CDC (lelly) I have had two before, both who gave me incorrect advice and didn't do a lot of things that I have experienced now with lelly.
Ultimately you are paying for a service and not just a pile of products... so I would say to you.... ring Cambridge head office make sure that what she is telling you is correct then... either...
a) tell her that she has given you some wrong info... maybe she really doesn't know!
b) Find another CDC who you feel more comfortable with, it is a long journey and you have to be able to trust the person you are sharing this journey with...

Ultimately CDC's undergo training and if they are making fundamental mistakes, maybe they need Cambridge to ask them to come in for re training or something...

Hope you sort something out,

Thank Tillyfloss for your response. I am going to go next week and then pop down to boots to see what their scales see and then take it from there.
With regards the information being at odds I think I ask her again next week and see what she says, as I do get on with her and she is supportive just makes me a bit uneasy as to what is right and what is wrong.
Thanks again.
I think it is difficult as i'm sure there are a lot of lovely people who are CDC's and although many of them work as well and have loads of other commitments, they do follow the rules, keep abreast of developments and are on the ball (you only have to look at the cdc's who post here) but there are some although nice, just think they are doing a good job... and it can be damaging for everyone in the long term.. you only have to read on here some of the advice thats given out by well meaning CDC's.
I think they should have area supervisors whose job it is, just to makes ure all CDC's are singing from the same hymn sheet... not to interfere in their businesses,, but just to make sure the standards as consistent...
I mean you go to Mc D's or Pizza Hut you get the same thing from place to place up and down the country, they don't alter the ingredients to suit themselves and whislt that might seem like a flippant comment, as this diet affects our health it is far more important for consistency here than In most other companies....
I think in the Uk we are not used to challenging people, everyone gets upset, but that needn't be the case if we are careful and sympathetic....


Sometimes your scales are wrong. I got weighed at my CDC last Wednesday and it said I was 15.9 then I weighed myself at my mums on Sunday and it said I was 16.1! There was no way I had put weight on because I've stook to this so strictly. Anyway, I had to swap some shakes because I didnt like them and weighed myself at my CDC's and I've lost 6lb. I was really worrying that I'd put weight on and it wasnt working but from now on I'm going to trust my CDC's scales and not weigh myself!

How much have you lost so far?
Hi blossom1602 I have lost 10.5lbs this week being the first. I know scales can change so much. Think I may just stick to hers that way I know at least what my losses are. Tillyfloss I agree with you there should be some regional supervision at least just to ensure ppl are all singing from the same sheet (as you say). I think I will just see how it goes and make a choice in a few weeks and I will discuss with her some of my concerns regarding the information.
My CDC said that you cant really go on the bars until the 3rd week but if you dont like any of the shakes n soups it wont do you much harm but it will take you longer to go into ketosis. She also said you can have coke zero but not diet as it contains somethin (cant remember what she said lol)

Just have a good look on the internet as theres a lot of information out there and if your not happy with your CDC in a few weeks see if there is another one in your area x


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As long as you are using the same scales and seeing the pounds drop off I wouldn't worry about the scales.

But if you think you would prefer a different CDC best to ring up a few and see what answers you get to your questions. Or you could just keep the one you have now and use this site for details.

Good luck.

Irene xx
My CDC said that you cant really go on the bars until the 3rd week but if you dont like any of the shakes n soups it wont do you much harm but it will take you longer to go into ketosis. She also said you can have coke zero but not diet as it contains somethin (cant remember what she said lol)
Coke zero has malic acid instead of the citric acid that diet coke has which can knock you out of ketosis but on SS you can't have either! :)


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i did cd over a year ago and didnt get on with my cdc so i ended up stopping the diet!
Now i have a cdc who is fantastic! 100% supportive and also very clued up!
From past experience, i just left, but if i'd been in the same position again, i would speak to cd headoffice.
There are people in place via headoffice that are there to make sure the cdc's do their job properly and as a pp says, your paying a lot of money for the whole thing, not just the products so you have a right to get a service your happy with!
All the info in the book is all you need to know! there are no cheats on this diet.....so i would stay off any fizzy drinks and do it by the book....any other info, then head office is your best bet!



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