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CDC Galway Ireland?

i get 21 tetra's pw and its 73.50 i go to cdc in castlebar :) although they vary in what they charge and the tetra's are a wee bit more expensive than packs because there already made up. I think packs were 3euro each multiply by 21 is 63euro about??


Is determined this time..
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Hi mushroom :)
How much is it in £ ??
I am on 3 packs a day and it costs me 60 euro, you can buy extra stuff like water favours etc aswell if you want. I think they are 10 euro each, you might have to travel to them :(


Is determined this time..
S: 21st7lb C: 21st7lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 47.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
God that is expensive i got 2 full trays of tetras for my first 2 weeks and it was only 120....:O
in pounds its between 36/39 a week (non tetras) which means in ireland its a lot more, but the cdcs will probably be charged a lot more themselves.
not bloody fair though, the exchange rate hovvers between 96 and 90c, been that way for months now so 60 euro would equate too about 57 pounds, and its not like we can go too the north for them lol.. ( as if she would living in galway anyway!!)
doing my research though cd is cheaper than lipotrim, but im gonna start lipotrim only because my bmi is gonna be high and my docs a toilet head.. but i will switch too cd straight after, theres been a lot of talk of hair loss on lt, and i have hair down too my waist and im NOT loosing that!! weight yes, deflated boobs i can handle but me hair nooooooo lol
other thing with lipotrim, lack of flavors where cd, is fantastic on flavors
toilet head!! :giggle::giggle: i loved that!!

i did a week on lt and yeah its pretty much the same but omg the flavours were rotton but i know what you mean about getting the bmi down under 40 although im sure if you went to your doc he/she might be ok about it? at least you are trying to do something about your weight.

dont get me started on the €/£ rates. its head wreaking isnt it!?
toilet head, about my doctor is putting it extremly mildly!!!
he is a nightmare in white moody loafers lol.. ( there terrible)
i call him the witch doctor, but im on the waiting list for another, and going too check out the one tasha said as well (thanks tasha!!!:))
and yeah the exchange rate is mental i feel sorry for my brother he has his savings in cash in pounds!!! came over a year ago and kept thinking the exchange would get better:(
but cant moan galway bay looked beautiful this morning on the school run lol
the gmit lol.. we call it the gimmie it in our house.. were from london so ya know mental!! completly mental
yes it sure is beautiful here and the city is buzzing.
your doing well with your loss,, well done !!!


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Hey guys,

Sorry to hijack the thread.
I'm in Galway city too and would like to start the CD. Is it only Castlebar and Swinford we can get it?

I wonder can we petition to get a counsellor in Galway. Surely there's more demand here than Mayo.

Didn't realise there was such a big difference in price. It's costing us €100 extra per month if we were to get it here!!!

Still, if anyone has any ideas about how to get it in Galway let me know. I can't really travel to Mayo all the time.

Might go on LT but really want a bit of choice.

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