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cdc wants me to be 10stone?!

Im 5ft8 and starting at 23st.. CDC said today she thinks i would get down to 10stone, i can not remember the last time [probs age 10] i was 10stone! Is it even possible? im quite broad like lol

On a brighter note, if i do get to 10stone and lose on average 4lb a week, i will be at goal by september!!!! :D
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I think your goal weight should be up to you. My pharmacist has let me decide, but has said that as a guide, for my height I should aim for around 11 stone 7lbs. Hope this helps!

Clair x


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I'm only 5'5" and I think 10st is too light for me! I've seen your pics and there's no way you look like you need to lose that much! You don't look anywhere near 23st to be honest. I wouldn't worry about a target weight just now anyway, my CDC hasn't even discussed a target for me, think about it the closer you get, you'll know when the time is right to stop and maintain. x


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Im 5ft4 and 10stone is to scrawny looking for me, i decided my goal weight is to be 12 stone,that was my choice not my cdc, the choice is yours hun xx


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I'd say take each week as it comes and when you are happy with the weight, go from there...my cdc said 10 stone to me....but i'm broad as well so decided to get to 11.2 which is top end of bmi then go from there....we all carry weight differently so i'd just go with the flow:D
I think you'll be able to more realistically make a decision about a goal as you move down the stones --- my counsellor let me choose my own goal which I've set to 10st basically for a round number but I would want to be a lighter weight if I'm honest as I'm only 5ft 1 and a bit inches and am (under the extra weight) a small frame but I'm going to choose that goal as I move on down.

I think you'll know what's best for you as you get there xx
yeah id like 12stone i think lol.. thanks anyway =]


well I'm 5'6

If you look at my last profile pics, the lightest I've ever been was 11st 3 (ish) in those pics. I think 10st is a bit underweight for your height

But then its up to you. Go with what you feel happiest at .
Hi,as Mrs E said set your own goal! If it helps I am 5ft9 and 12 stone suits me brill as I am a large frame as well, I looked wrong at 11st 4 and my body actually settled itself around 12st.
My aim is to get to 12st at some point in 2010, I am currently hovering around 13st 7 due to a lot of naughty weekends and xmas.
Good luck and if you find your cdc sets unrealistic goals remember you can always change her! x


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Kimmie, it will all depend on your body shape and the measurements of your waistline as to whether 10stone will be a healthy weight for you...see how you feel on your way down...

Good luck with your CD journey :) xx

that's quite some goal! i am also 5ft 8in and have a medium to large bone frame. in 08 i got down to 11st 7lbs and people were asking me when i was stopping as they thought i was thin enough. i could see that more was needed but i fell pregnant :D

this time round i'm aiming for 11st 7lbs and want to work my way down to 10st 7lbs.

i feel that although you have a long term 'goal' maybe look at smaller goals. then as you get lower you can then look at your body a bit more and see it taking shape. you may find that you need to be 10st or you may find that 11st is better for you. it's all trial and error and how you feel and look.

regarding weight loss. i was loosing really well but had a couple of no loss weeks last time. it does happen occ so don't get down about it. it's your body's way of catching up.

my average loss was between 3 to 4lbs a week. with the first weeks giving me 9lb, 6lbs, 4.5lb (few weeks of this), then usually 3 1/2 lb after that.

it took me 5 months to loose 5 1/2 stone.

this time round i've got just under 3 st to loose so i'm expecting to do that in around 10 weeks.

good luck and remember it's best to take each day as it comes.
tbh 10stone is too small for me, my cdc is lovely tbh. shes 10st8 and still a size 12. i would like to a size 12 so was worrying abit lol
Hi all! For me, I think the weight figures are less important than how I look and feel. I am 5'8", and 10st10lbs is a goal for me, because I think it's attainable and maintainable. I might get to 11st 3lbs and think, actually, I feel good and I can fit into my size 10s again - that's enough. Sometimes, dropping the extra couple of pounds can be tougher to maintain. I think you'll know when you get there if the weight you're at is right for you. :)


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I agree with your other replies, it's up to you to decide your goal weight. Wait and see how you feel as you lose weight. Best of luck.


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Kimmie, I am 5' 8" also and I hit a size 12 last year at about 11st 2. I maintained between that and maybe 10st 10 for 8 months. I knew that I could have pushed it down to a size 10, but was happy with a 12, and with a BMI that was in the middle of healthy... 23ish. I have put on a few lbs over Xmas but will be happy to be back in the size 12 zone soon!

Ultimately your choice, but I think you'll know when you get there!

Hiya kimmie Sweeite :)

I was 23 stone too when i started 4 weeks ago :) I am now 22lb lighter tho haha(21st 6lb). I am 5'6 and want to get down to 10stone, BUT i will see how it goes and pick a target near the time. Your doing great hun xxx
I started at 24 stone and my target is 10 stone, but im 5'4. I think 10 stone is a bit low for your height. Just see how you feel as the weight drops. You will proberly change your goal a few times anyway! I think we all do x x

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