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CDC's broken scales!


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I have been really good this week, and on my scales through the week I had lost 7lb (I bought my set when starting this diet)

I went for my weigh in yesterday and my CDC had to reassemble her scales before I hoped on!! and i lost 2lb! :break_diet:

The week before I had weighed the same on both sets of scales!!

Should I stick to her set or just report off what my scales say...??

I am on allipallys water experiment so will be on my scales every day!
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How demotivating to step on her scale! What did she say about it? It is still a pretty big change. I would report what my own scale says if I were you.


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Me too, if you have used your scales since the beginning of cd then they can't be wrong. Why did she have to re-assemble her scales?

Well done for your great weight loss by the way.


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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
Definately wouldn't trust them in that case. xx


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Keira - my CDCs scales broke and she bought a new set that reported different losses to me, she wasn't convinced at first but in the end bought another new set as they were giving wrong readings for everyone. Are you the only person who disagrees with her readings?

At this time I also started weighing in at Boots every week (same shop each week). For the weeks that her scales were dodgy it was another view of my weight. I only weigh in every two weeks though so don't see her on a weekly basis.

Also very well done on your weight loss, you are doing awesome!


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Scales that were thrown with such force that they fell apart won't be accurate!

They are delicate instruments, it only takes a small movement of one of the mechanisms to throw them out.... I suggest she find something that she knows the weight of and weigh that on the scales....

Did she weigh herself on them? I always know what I weigh so it would be a good way to check them.

In the meantime. I'd go on my own scales....


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i would go to boots and get weighed and take the print out to 'prove' it but thats just me lol


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hiya, why not use yours for on here, thats what i do and this will be my goal then i let my cdc record whatever she makes it for her records, i use my scale and my wii, so i always check them both against eachother, my cdc s are always different sometimes 1-4lb difference, so for my own sake i only trust mine xxx


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What a nightmare. I used to use the scales at the gym and mine at home as well as the cdc's scales (yes I am obsessed). In one week the gym scales disappeared and the battery in my scales has gone (yes I am yet to replace it) I paniced all week till I weighed earlier today.

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