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CDC's how did you...


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I'm not a cdc...just wanted to give a couple of suggestions...

Yellow pages (under diet & fitness) You'll probably need to pay for this though.
Your monthly community magazine..these are stocked in many places in my area - leisure centre, library, shops etc
In the local chippy!!!! and similar places...went into a chippy the other day (for my otherhalf...honestly! :) ) and there were weight watchers posters on the wall. hehe.

print a couple of fliers up and go into these types of places to ask if they'll display them for you. you don't know if you don't ask! :)

also word of mouth....get your friends to give you a mention to other friends, work collegues etc.



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I went live on the CD website on Thursday and have had 2 enquiries already, I would recommend going on there.

Also, I have an online ad starting mid-June on yell.com, I work for the Yellow Pages so if you want any advise on the different options send me a message.

Like Bluepaws mentioned, track down the WW adverts, I've put up cards in 2 local newsagents beside the WW ones, costs £1.25/week and also my local Post Office has A4 adverts displayed in their window for £10/month, again stalking the WW ads, lol.

i put a laminated A4 ad in the window of my car and drove round loads of news agents and local shops and put ads in the windows. Got zilch response from either of them! I had only just moved into the area when i started too so i had no contacts i could put the word round with. All mine have come from referrals from the website and cambridge HO - obviously now i am getting client referrals too but all i would say is hold tight!
got two over the weekend via the phone.Have emailed CD to ask if I can go on the website now as may get some that way too. I guess 3 is not bad for just starting two weeks ago !!


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I just have my details on the website, you do have to contact CHWP to get them put on, it doesn't just happen. Clients come and go.... There is an ad in every yellow pages already.
You could also create some of your own publicity by writing your own before and after story, contacting the PR dept and getting it published in the local paper that always works really well!
Hope this helps


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Hiya Emma

Tbh, I have been a CDC for a few years now and can honestly say that the best form of advertising for me has been the CHWP website and word of mouth.

I did pay for advertising once a couple of years ago in my local GP's surgery to have my details printed on the back of their appointment cards - never got a thing from it! :(

Also, if you are in an area where you are one of a few CDC's then you will be your best advert and its not just about being at goal weight either...its about providing a first class service because, believe me, news will soon spread!

Good luck Emma and like Htpink has said...it does take time but cherish this time because when it does take off, you'll look back fondly on these early days!! :)


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Thanks for posting all these details as my hubby has just sent in papers so fingers crossed will be accredited counsellor soon and have to admit this was a worry he had! Didnt want to lay out to much cash and then be stuck with the packs with no clients!!! Good luck Emma!! Sarahxx.


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Hi ya,:):)

When I first started I advertised everywhere. But I have found that you dont need to do this as the website and word of mouth is the best.
Good luck and you will find you will be very busy soon.

Nick :D


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I became a CDC on 1st May and already have 19 clients!! Hope to be on website over the next few days but it's been really busy and I'm getting recommended all the way!! It's great!!

Good luck

ooooh folks you were so right !! One friend started, and now its four. Another lady came to me via my sponsor, and she left tonight after telling me her three friends are booking to see me. Sure enough an hour later they had all rang and arranged to meet me. Now I have 8 clients all of a sudden.

Also I did the fit squad last week, and should be in soon, so am hoping that will do some good. I am the only counsellor in my area thats on the website, and i have had a couple of calls from that already too.

Its all going swimmingly now, so thanks for all that advice youo gave me, you were right in telling me not to panic!!