CD'ing on Holiday - any advice?


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Hi everyone

I am just starting my second week of doing 790. On the 15th I am going away for a long arranged 5 day hol. It is quite a long flight both ways.

I am wondering what to do, both on the flight and while I am away. On the one hand I don't want to jeopardise whatever weight I have lost but on the other hand I don't want to ruin the holiday by obsessing about not eating. If I go away and try to say have a CD for breakfast and one as snacks and then to have a normal (but sensible) lunch or dinner, do you think that would be ok?

What have the rest of you done whilst on hols?
Hi Monty

I have a number of clients who choose to do that - have their packs for breakfast and lunch, then have a sensible dinner. Most of them who stick to that plan come back weighing the same or with minimum damage, although I did have one lady come back having dropped 6 lbs cos of all the extra walking she was doing! :eek:

Good luck with it - I think it's down to organisation, and deciding what you are going to do beforehand and sticking with it. :)
The thing I wanted to mention is that a long flight without conventional food can seem rather daunting. The thought of all that time with nothing to do makes the breaks of meal times quite appealing despite the crap they serve up referred to laughingly as food!

I personally think that it is worth considering exactly how much time on the flight will be taken up with people eating the unappealing food airlines serve up. I think you will be pleasantly surprised because most of it is actually taken up with waiting for them to serve you and then waiting for them to clear it all away again!

You can take some packs with you and eat at the same time as others, consider splitting your packs too. If you explain to the cabin crew then they will be very accomodating :)
Why not get a couple of bars and have one during each flight? You are OK to take food on with hand luggage now as far as I know.
Thanks everyone - its helpful to know that if I do eat sensibly it shouldn't mean regaining massess of weight
I shall have to make sure that I am sensible though!
I have just been to italy for 16 days. I had 2 cambridge foodpacks and tried to stick to low carb dinners. I had quite a lot of vino rosso!
We did a lot of walking and when I got back I had lost 4lbs.
Good Luck,