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Celebrity Big Brother

Ok, so hands up if you watched them all go in. What a lovely bunch they are, I love it when they enter the house and look at each blankly not knowing who the hell anyone is but expecting to be recognised.

So immediate thoughts (but will of course change my mind daily):D

Danny Tourette - horrible yob - 'nuff said.
Dirk from the A Team - seemed nice, better than I thought he'd be
Jo O'Meara - liking her & H seemed ok (at the moment)
Leo Sayer - think he may get on my nerves
Jermaine - looks totally lost
Danielle WAG - helloooo - is anyone in?????
Cleo - love her, used to love her with Kenny Everett (giving my age away now!) I think she's going to be great
Ken Russell - may have bitten off more than he can chew, but I think he'll be quite a character
Bollywood Actress - beautiful looking woman, but not sure how well she'll fit in
Carol Malone - didn't like her on Celebrity Fit Club, not a fan

Who have I missed?

So, thoughts so far peeps?
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Finally...Life begins
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Still reserving judgement!! I usually end up loving the people I started off hating!! But one thing is I cannot stand Danny Tourette. Never heard of him, but he just seems so rude!

Will I change my mind?!
I'm with you on that Angela, I change my mind daily, if not hourly LOL but that Danny guy, yuck, yuck, yuck, will not be liking him.
Where was Adam Ant? Ivy promised he was in, sure I heard it elsewhere too. Did he pull out or is he arriving later?

Thought tonight was a bit boring to watch. Hope they are a bit more interesting when they start integrating.

It always hooks me in the end though when there are less characters and they are more relaxed.

Dizzy x
Oh yes I'd forgotten he was supposed to going in - boo, I really used to love him. Also, no surprise, no Hoff either, didn't really think he'd be going in.
I think I need to go and lie down with a damp Radio Times, I'm getting far too involved with BB already & it's only Day 1.


Finally...Life begins
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So, what do you reckon the family is going to be like that goes in?!!
Don't know - that all seems very strange, will have to wait & see I guess. Presumably they'll be in a little side house with one of the celebs, doesn't sound like it's going to be much fun for the celeb though - shame!
I heard on the radio that Jade Goody, her Mum and her boyfriend are going in. Guess that's the 'family'.

Dizzy x
Oh my word - well that'll make interesting viewing.


Finally...Life begins
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Really? oooh interesting....


Taking Back Control...!!!
Loved Cleo's answer to Davina about wanting an 'OIL' man..... Old Ill Loaded.....LMAO!!!!

I like Leo Sayer and Cleo at the moment and also Jo from S Club:eek: .....

The others mmmmm.......hardly any of them were who they said in the papers although I did hear that the 'family' is Jade Goody, her boyfriend, mum and her nan too!!!!!!

Sadly I too am addicted........:eek:

Donny whatever is a total k*ob......only in there to promote his group.....bit like Preston was last year....but at least he was quite cute:eek: ;)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Already I think it is absolutely hilarious!!! Jermaine Jackson's permanent expression of total bewilderment is just priceless!!! Didn't his mate, David Gest, warn him about British reality shows!!! :D

Quite like the Bollywood girl, Carole Malone (total b*tch...I love her!) and I just know that I'm gonna be falling off my chair at Ken Russell (he has absolutely no idea!)

But then this is only Day 1 .... by tomorrow I could be WAG lady's best mate!!! :D :D

Oh and Cleo really is priceless....how old is that woman??? :D
Oh and Cleo really is priceless....how old is that woman??? :D
I was wondering that, she's got to be in her mid to late 40s at least, she sure looks good though.
Can I just ask - is Danny Tourette for real or is it a made up band? I've never heard of him but that could just mean that I'm getting old and untrendy:)
No I've never heard of him either, and hopefully after his swift ejection from the house, I won't hear of him again.:p


Finally...Life begins
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I too had never heard of him and wondered if he was a "chantelle" but sadly I think he is too obnoxious for that!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
He is gross!!! :(
Looks like he is for real. Had a relationship with Peaches Geldolf and Daddy didn't approve. He is meant to be diagnosed as having Tourettes (hence the name) but exaggerates the symptoms.

Dizzy x
Sadly, Towers of London are a real band. And they are ****.

Ken Russell was my OH's tutor at uni, and he really is being himself!!!!

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