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Celebrity Slim Has Arrived....on eBay!

Hi all, well I wondered how long it would take before people began to sell CS on eBay...not long as it goes! There's not a great deal on eBay just now, but give it a few more weeks and I bet there will be loads of sellers!

Where I live we don't have a Rowlands, nearest is about 20 miles away, so a bit far in my opinion to buy a few shakes and bars with fuel prices. So, I made my first order online and paid £3.95 to get the starter pack posted to me.

However, I really want to try some of the CS bars but there are only two kinds for sale online (or this is maybe in store too?) - berry and fudge. I really don't want to buy one of each at £2.29 and pay £3.95 p+p on top! So I'm bidding on two bars on eBay just now as the sellers are only charging £1 p+p! I really should have added a bar of each to my starter pack order, but didn't think at the time.

Thought this may be of use to some of you out there who don't have a Rowlands to hand.
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if you dont get them let me know and i have two ill post to you for free lol i not a fan of them to be honest.
Thanks Emily - you're a star and rep added hun! Will let you know the outcome - just wish we had a Rowlands in town so I could simply pop in and get what I want (-:


im gonna do it!
Hi Alison! I remember reading somewhere not to buy these products from e-bay or other sites. To be honest, dont have real experience of this myself, just thought id share that with u x
no problem alison. they will only end up in the bin anyway lol you may as well sample them and see if you like them. im quite lucky i have a pharmacy 5min drive away but i might go back to ordering online as they only had a few of the shakes i liked at the weekend - must warn you the tomato soup doesnt taste like tomato lol im stuck with a box of that this week for lunchtime.


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must warn you the tomato soup doesnt taste like tomato lol im stuck with a box of that this week for lunchtime.
How very dare you :eek:

Tomato soup is ace :D

A lil bit powdery but then you've not tried the LT chicken soup... ;) That's an experience :D
hmmm 'a bit powdery' thats an understatement lol their like cement yuck but each to their own....

MINGER :8855:


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It could be dangerous to buy slimming product on Ebay as you have no guarantee of the source.

As Celebrity Slim is not a Total Food Replacement diet, you are able to buy it on line direct from Rowland's Pharmacy which would be a wiser option.

Love Mini xxx
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Hi all - yes I do agree you're right regarding not buying off eBay and will only buy from Rowlands online - just begrudge paying £3.95 p+p for 2 bars! Thanks for all your replies.


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Hi Alison

Did you know the postage is free if you order over £75.00, not much good i know if you only want 2 bars. Just wondered if you were aware.

Maz x
Hi Mazza - yes I did notice that on the website but with my first order I only thought to buy the starter pack, to see what I thought of the diet and shakes - didn't want to spend a fortune and not like it! The website isn't very informative and the book that comes with the starter pack is okay and the diet overall looks good.

Day 1 today and so far so good! BTW, I did "win" the 2 bars - thanks again Emily for the offer, so looking forward to seeing what they're like but I won't be doing it again - I agree it's not the way to buy the product.

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