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Center Parcs Spa

just posted on your other thread, but I just have to say, I am soooooooooooooooooo jealous! The robes are just for walking to and from each thing (the sauna's, steam rooms, etc). You take them off to go in the different rooms, so it's not a huge issue if they don't go around you, but they do have different sizes. Enjoy it. Oh I wish I was going! x

They aren't the biggest I have to say! When I was big they didn't fit at all and although they say there are different sizes I think they range from small to slightly smaller!

Anyway funny story here!

Jo and I went for the Surail mud treatment there which is when you go in a mud bath with two of you, they tell you that it is ok to go in the nude as they won't come in.

Anyway we were well into it and putting mud on each other when two staff members rushed in, we were there in the buff half covered in white and brown mud, as I was big then my bum had managed to independently hit the emergency button on the wall! Hence when they came in they had security behind them and a sounder going off in the corridor.

After they left us in total embarassment we had to push the button again as the showers had cut out because of the alarm and we were covered in sticky mud and couldn't get clean.

SOOOOO embarasssing but looking back hilarious!!
I think just the spa is quite expensive for what you get, the treatments are better but again they aren't cheap! The best massage is usually in the swimming pool area and a lot cheaper.

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