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  1. sophiee

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    Im currently doing the WW propoints diet and im doing pretty well on it but i just want to shock my body a bit and was thinking of doing the cereal diet for a week and eating only cereal for breakfast, dinner and tea!! Has anyone done this before and did you loose weight if so how much etc.
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  3. hannata

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    You'll have to watch weaning yourself off it. Your body will put weight on with a sudden increase in calories. Same as any very low calorie diet. I personally don't think its worth it, unless you go the proper hog and do a VLCD longer term... (like exante, tony ferguson, lighterlife etc) There's every chance you will suffer cereal all week, lose 6lbs, then put it on again next week.

    Have you tried the Wendi plan? Its basically an adaption to WW points and indeed propoints, where you vary every single day how many pp you take in...

    I've converted the points plan into what I think would work for the new pp. The [7] is your weekly 49 divided out into each day.

    Day 1 [points allowance] + [7] +1 point
    Day 2 [points allowance] + [7] -2 point
    Day 3 [points allowance] + [7] +10 point **** leave at least 48 hours between this day and WI (do not wi on day 3, 4, & 5)
    Day 4 [points allowance] + [7] -4 point
    Day 5 [points allowance] + [7] +1 point
    Day 6 [points allowance] + [7] -2 point
    Day 7 [points allowance] + [7] -4 point

    Example: if you are on 29 pp per day. Day 1 would be 29 + 7 + 1 = 37pp

    Basically spreads out your week and shocks your metabolism a little without having to resort to drastic "starvation" measures.
  4. Starlight

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    Not a great idea, you may get a not bad loss but youll end up putting it on again when you go back to your points. Youre also going to be missing a lot of the nutrients you need and probably overdosing on sugar.

    Stick with your points... its a nice healthy diet and it works dont be tempted by a fad diet, like everything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true - it most likely is
  5. Brightonrosie

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    Any diet that is done temporarily will have a temporary result xx
  6. kagome75

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    and any diet that makes you eat only one or two nutrients will bore you and won't last longer than a week even if you tried. Hence, you would be depriving yourself for a week for absolutely no reasons. What's the point in losing 6 lbs to then gaining 7 the following week?:confused:
  7. Purple_Star

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    Brilliant answer! And great point about the sugar!!
  8. Nicola87

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    I agree, not a good idea. Im ashamed to say i tried this diet a few years ago and it made me very ill, i had stomach problems for at least 2 months afterwards, was VERY moody and ratty and was very unhappy! I lost 10lb over two weeks, but as soon as i started eating normally again i put it all back on plus another 3lb! think i was over compensating for the fact i hadnt eaten anything 'proper' in two weeks! x
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