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Cereal???? :)

anything without sugar in them is fine,,i love branflakes,,:) rice crispies with candaral 30g 1 and half points and dont forget to point the milk too:)
I love love love Apple and Raisin Oatabix. It's 2 points for 40g, but I think you need 80g to make it worth it! A 40g portion is TINY!

Also like:
Frosted wheats - 2 points for 40g (I have 80g)
Weetabix Crunchy Bran is lovely - 40g for 2 points! Good value I reckon!!!! Yum yum!!! xxx
I love cereal! Most if not all Special K varieties are 1.5pts for 30g. Weetabix is 2pts for two biscuits, so is Shredded Wheat.
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cheerios isnt too bad either for 60gs and 1/4 pint milk being 3.5 points
I have that and it says in my book that honey nut cheerios are 1.5 points for 30grams too, so all is good in my house:)

My hubby has Porridge and that's 1.5points for 30grams as well. He has Tescos own or Scott's Porridge oats, both the same. Double portion with milk added does him for breakfast..
i love crunchie nut 30g with milk 3 and a half points x
Thankyou all sooooooo much for replying, you're stars! And oh my gosh I'm practically drooling over my computer screen at the thought of cereal! ;)

I've just been shopping and treat myself to some oatso simple, honey cheerios and rice pops... nom nom nom :p

Thanks again lovelies! :D
i've just seen your weight loss so far... omg well done hun!!! x
Aww thankyou soooo much!! :)

And anyways coming from you?! How much have you lost skinny mini?! I'm so jealous of the weight you are! How did you lose all that weight! You must be so proud of yourself! :)

You're an inspiration, being the same height as me and having similar start weights I feel like I can get to where I want to be weight wise :) x
honey cheerios like already been mentioned are the best! :D

btw hun omg at how much weight you've lost, also just seen piccies and WOW! you look amazing!! whats your secret to getting so toned?! no way do you look a size 14!!! more like 8/10! xx
i wanna see the pics too-how do i do that?
or is it because im fairly new that i cant do it?
Thats what i said... She looks a size 10 at most!! sorry to muzzle in on that lol xx
yeah definitely!! though it's miss selfridges sizes so a size 14 in those probably is a 10 tbh lol :)

pinkprincess just click on the link under name that says albums :)
it wont let me, i keep getting the same message: something about not having sufficient privilages-i think it may be because im still a newbie really. im gunna add some piccies soon aswell.
I think you need 50 posts... You are quite close though!
lol thanks, its geat to see pictures before and after-it helps you to see that it can be done.
sorry i have got the crunchie nut wrong i just joined up to the ww esource thing and was filling in my points and it said 2.5 with milk(125mls) x
i have crunchy nut, 2 points per 30gs :) yumm! then point whatever milk you have :D

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