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Certain times..

Just wondering if other people stick to certain times to have their food packs?

I'n not strict with breakfast as I'm normally allways running late so I just throw it down my neck before heading out the door.

Lunch, i don't allow myself to have it before 12.30pm and dinner has to be after 6.30pm else I would be climbing the walls later in the evening, lol

how about you?
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I always have a shake before I leave the house for work, then as I'm a teacher I always have lunch at around the same time, but in the evening I do vary it - sometimes I wait until a programme I want to watch is on TV and have a vanilla shake as a treat! And last night I was home late and ended up having my banana shake at 10pm!
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It varies according to what day it is and what I'm doing but in general during the week I have half a shake first thing (about 8am) then my bar slowly spread between 11 and 1, the other half a shake about 3-4 ish and my soup around 6. Then I have my treat of fizzy water at around 9!

Things can run a bit later at the weekend but I try and keep to more or less the same time-spacings.
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I'm about the same timings as Yams
I tried cutting half of my bars into squares, but started eating them at 11.20am (its been a frsutrating day so far !!!)
then go for a walk at my true lunchtime & eat the rest when I get back in.
I am usually OK until 5.30pmish & a little later with my soup

we mainly all seem to do :-

shake in morning

bar at lunchtime
soup at t-time
funy that isn't it

I am hungriest in the mornings
I have four packs as I am greedy. (may drop to 3 when i get back into it).

I have

1 shake at 8:45am
1/2 soup at 12:00pm
1/2 bar at 2:30pm
1/2 bar at 4:30pm
1 soup at 6:30pm
1/2 soup/shake at 8-8:30pm
the bars are more discreet for me to eat at lunchtime at work, else if I'm seen making a shake up, I have to answer 101 questions - grrr!
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the bars are more discreet for me to eat at lunchtime at work, else if I'm seen making a shake up, I have to answer 101 questions - grrr!

Actually, I'm just the same.

shake for brekkie before work, sling a bar in my bag before heading off, and soup in the evening. Usually wait until I'm *proper* hungry though.
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I'm self-employed so I can be quite flexible with meal times, I tend to split the shakes and soups into two sittings. I eat when my tummy rumbles! I think this is the best thing (other than the weight loss ;) ) about TFRs, I'm actually paying more attention to what my body wants foodwise and not what I want.

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