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Cerulean - in here please!

Hi Sarah,

I was browsing through the forum last night and in some posts you've mentioned that you are excercising & doing the 30 day shred.

I like the idea of combining exercise with the cambridge diet but i was advised not to exercise. I guess my question is that where you on SS when you started exercising? If so, how did you start the ball rolling?

I'm on Day 10 and any advice on how i can start would be greatly appreciated.

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Shanny, it was me being dim! I was clicking on her name.... duh!Thanks for pointing out that section of the forum.... i haven't ventured there! Will go & have a look now.


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Hiya chick!!! am on me iPhone with a dodgy connection so links are tricky. I started whilst I was on week 13 (my 810 week) so for the first 3 days I was having a small meal. However, I did all three levels for 27 days once I switched back to SS with no ill effects. In my signature there's a link to my blog, you can look for the shred posts (there's a list of links on my July 2nd links) All I'd say is take each level easy on the first 2 times through and by day 10 of each level you'll be close to doing everything.
Hey Sarah!

Thanks for your reply. Whilst reading through your CD diary I noticed that you a fair distance to work, for leisure etc. Did that not make you ravenous by the time that you got back home?

I might try walking for a 1 mile or so next week when I will be at the start of week 3. That should be OK shouldn't it?

And just wanted to say that you have done brilliantly! I will try & access your blog at lunchtime x


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Nah - I walk a lot...always have. Once I'm in ketosis I only seem to get hungry if I'm bored or anxious...I must confess that I used diet drinks to take the edge off (non-citric acid ones, I'd have Coke Zero after a run for example)

Walking to work as long as I had my coffee and water when I got to the office, I was fine until lunchtime. Doing 12 mile walks, I used to take my bar out with me or maybe a tetra on ultra long walks and have that half way round or on the train home.

I would be sleepy after a big day out - but other than peppermint tea, good strong coffee and lots of water - that was it. I'd rather be out and exploring than sitting at home thinking about food! If you keep your mind and legs and arms busy, it's difficult to be bothered by thinking about what you can't have!

I started the Shred at around your BMI - but like I said, I only started it whilst I was having a bit of food, just in case...but once I SSed there was no difference. I didn't start my running programme until I had finished it and I walked to work a lot less whilst I was doing it - but I did also do yoga and swimming.
Thanks for your reply Sarah.

I was reading through your CD diary last night - still haven't finished reading it all though. You are so so busy that I feel tired just reading what you get up to! But my goodness me, you have come along way and look fab!!!!! It's spurned me on to really give it my best shot at the losing the weight once & for all. So for that I thank you my dear!

The best thing about reading through your diary (about from the information & entertainment value :8855:) is that you have motivated me to do the 30 day shred!! I am ashamed to say that I already have the DVD still sealed with the wrapper :eek: I've had the DVD for the last 8 weeks or so but have been too scared to try it!! So, Monday is the day that I have decided to give it a shot as it's the same day that I can start having my bars :D

So today's question, which i hope that you don't mind answering is that on the days that I'm upping my exercise can I have two bars? Will this knock me out of ketosis? It's probably a case of try it & see what happens?

Cheers me dears x
Sarah, where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

I'm guessing you are either at work, theatre, running, swimming, walking back home....... gosh i feel tired just typing all that up!
You're funny! I was in the gym, yes ;) and then I was making my dinner. And in case anyone else is reading this thread and waiting for the answer...yes I did double bar, but only when I'm out all day and it can make you windy (sometimes hilariously so), but it's never taken me out of ketosis and yes I often did it to give me the beans to do exercise.
I can take a bit of wind but its whether the rest of the office will appreciate it lol

Thanks for coming back & clarifying the two bar situation. I would like to try just to test whether my body can hack the extra carbs & still keep me in ketosis. I'm going to need all the carbs that I can get to get through the 30 day shred. I'm doing the evil DVD on monday evening after work so that I can have my bar guilt free..... not to mention that I can collapse on the sofa and the have the evening to recover.

Now i must rememeber to dig out my weights from under the mountains of junk that I have in the garage.

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