CHALLENGE: Valentine's Day Weigh In Here


2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes
So, I am a sucker for an old fashioned challenge and I am in desperate need of a kick start.

I am back, back on the diet, exercise, tracking and any other fit/fat wagon you can think of.

Does anyone want to join me in some New Year short term goal setting? Add your own goals and join in :)

7 full weeks: Monday January 4th 2016 - Monday 15th February 2016
Start weight: Weight Loss: Target Weight Loss

2012willdoit: 210lbs: 0lbs: 14lbs (a whole stone yay!) Plus exercise... 0to5k with local club, starts 20.01
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Week 1: Tuesday 5th

2012willdoit: 210lbs: 2lbs: 14lbs

2lbs lost yay!