weight loss

  1. P

    low calorie diet.

    Hi everyone - i am new here and not very experienced with dieting. I have started a 1200 diet, it has been 5 days. so far so good, i am not a big breakfast person and never was so i am currently eating lunch, dinner and snacks. my dinners are consisting of my protein pre-made meals so it’s a...
  2. Trinakd

    Newbie and a month passed

    Here is my before and after photos after counting calories and exercising for a month. April 6th to May 8th. Left photos are before, right two photos are after.
  3. B

    Weight loss diet plan

    Hi everyone my name is Brian My goal is to help people loose weight and get the results they want. I want to help guide people along the way and have a chat to anyone about their current diets. My background, I have a history as a boxing coach and I've helped many lads and lady's involve their...
  4. Claire_Williams

    Becoming Me Again

    Ok, I’ve decided that 2022 is the year I finally become me again. Not for anyone else, just for me. I’m 43 this year and want to see my 50th birthday and possibly even have a child of my own. I have a new job which has helped me to get closer to a happier state in terms of mental health; I have...
  5. AliGal

    Keto & low carb resources

    Many of us are eating low carb (below 50g carbs a day) or keto. Search for our diary threads as some of us are on WeMITTS (we mean it this time). Most of us are eating real food - meat, eggs, good fats (no corn oil or palm fats) - animal fats, olive oil and butter and veggies grown above...
  6. P

    New To Keto

    I'm new to Keto Dieting. Is it worth trying out or do you recommend something else??
  7. Burgo

    New and scared of Xenical!!

    Hi, I started my "lifestyle change" many years ago, gave up drugs 20 years ago, only drink once per year and now seek to change my unhealthy eating habits. I weighed in at 115kg (164cm tall, 50 years old, Male). Now I weigh 100 kg, however still lots of stomach fat, I go to the gym twice a week...
  8. GuyByTheSea

    Sayng Hi and Some back ground

    Hi All, I'm a guy in my 30's with a wife and 2 kids. Having battled weight my whole life and trying diffirent things over the years. At the start of 2019 my wife joined slimming world and i soon followed as a way to support her and learn about to help make better choices. After 6 months I had...
  9. J

    Syns in Sainsbury's fish cakes/fillets?

    Hi all trying to find the values for: Sainsbury's cod fishcakes x 2 170g Young's Simply Breaded Omega 3 Fish Fillets x4 400g I'm not looking for the syn values in those melt in the middle fishcakes, they seem to be the only thing I can find syns for. Also not looking for the whole "20 cal...
  10. W


    Help... So iv been on SS for over a week now and lost 9lbs. Iv just started my period and pretty down and starving and I hate a packet of crisps and a biscuit and now I am so angry at myself. Will I put weight back on because of this?
  11. M

    Slimming Friends

    Hi everyone, I am currently a paying slimming world member however I would like some friends to join my journey with me that are trying to lose weight too. I think it will help with motivation and feeling less lonely on my journey, so would anyone like to join me and share tips and recipes...
  12. Muppet182

    Diary of a food muppet

    Ah, I come to share the nonsense in my head following yet another set back. I technically started Cambridge Weight Plan last month and have lost just over a stone, but I keep finding myself still eating. It's not difficult, just eat your products woman and stop the nonsense. To be fair, my...
  13. F

    SW weight gain after sickness bug

    Hi everyone. So I'm on Slimming world and I weighed the other day on a day where I was ill with a sickness bug, I had lost 4.5lb and 4lb of that I had definitely lost throughout the week as I had been weighing myself daily (yes I know weighing daily isn't advised but it helps me). Yesterday...
  14. Over40:-/

    Over 40 not over the hill

    I started joining weight conscious forums recently after discovering that years of ‘watching what I eat’ and constant abstaining from all the delicious foods my friends were enjoying accounted for nothing. When I hit 40, I was determined not to turn into my mum (sorry mum, I love you very much)...
  15. TashaLB

    Cambridge Diet 2019

    Hi all Well I’m back again after 18 months. Due to an illness I put all my weight back on. Took me a year to get my health sorted and I’m now on my second week. Just had my second weigh in yesterday and I’ve lost a total of 20lb on plan ss. Not to shabby. Sadly I’m fighting shingles as well...
  16. P

    The start of a 3 or 4 stone weight loss journey!!

    Hi! I have lost weight on slimming world before, nearly 2 stone! Unfortunately, I piled it all back on last year :( I didn't have a great year last year and I am very much an emotional eater so I ate my way through it. Then every time I decided I was ready to start losing again, something else...
  17. Fuzzy_1135

    March summer challenge

    Hi everyone, I am new here and need to give myself a challenge to help me stick to plan and lose some weight! I have a few weddings and holidays coming up this year and want to slim down for the summer! Do you feel the same? Set yourself a challenge and an end date. Don't forget to mention...
  18. JP98

    Lipotrim take 2!

    Hey guys! I tried lipotrim for a month last year and lost close to 2st... then uni happened and I'm now back where I started. Starting it again for the second time and this time I'm determined to get it off and keep it off. Anyone else only just starting??
  19. A

    HELP! Weight Loss Required!

    Hey guys, I have lost 2st since January, and 10lbs over the last 2 weeks since I recently joined slimming world. I currently weigh 12.8st and I would love to be 11st going back to uni in September. Do you believe this goal is achievable? Please bare in mind I'm very active with horse riding and...
  20. O

    Hello everyone!

    How is everyone?
  21. claireylou87

    starting over....again...diary!

    omg i was so excited to see minis is back!!! i was a member and serial poster about 8 years ago and it helped so much. since i was last on here properly so much jas happened in life and im starting my slimming world journey (again!) at 20st 3lb 😣. i have had such a sketchy past with weight loss...
  22. M

    Topic Weight Loss Surgery Answer the following Question About Weight Loss Surgery

    Weight Loss Surgery Hello everyone! I Hope you are Fine.I ask Some Queation Today.Please reply me. Answer the following Question About Weight Loss Surgery How will the surgery help me lose Weight? What are the risks of this surgery? How could the surgery affect other health problems I have...
  23. Frenchie on a mission

    Get the right mind set to lose weight

    Hey peeps, I've uploaded a new video on Wednesday to share this week's weight loss and talk briefly about a topic which I think is super important when the goal is to lose weight! (or stop smoking, drinking et...) Hope you enjoy it! Comments if you have any questions, comments etc... and...
  24. Chunkynotfunky

    Protein Powder Hacks!

    Hiya! I have just purchased a new low calorie protein powder as a breakfast meal replacement, however it tastes foul! Any hacks/ideas on how to make a slimming friendly (quick) breakfast using protein powder? (Hope I havent just wasted £30 :)) xxx
  25. Mini

    Sugar Plum Mini

    Happy New Year 218! Nothing like a shiny new diary to help with motivation as I begin this New Year full of resolutions and mini goals. Resolutions are to lose weight, get active and stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake. First mini goal is to get back into the seventeens and leave the...
  26. Targetin2018

    Getting to Target in 2018 (finally!)

    Hi everyone! I've only just joined but decided to do a weight loss diary to try and keep me motivated on my Slimming World journey. I'm not struggling yet but I know that down the line I may well do! I'm Helen, 36, and a long time weight yo-yoer! I've had a pretty unhealthy relationship with...
  27. J

    Can someone help me with weight loss through Yoga

    Does anyone know of any personalised weight loss and Yoga plans on the web? Really keen to loose weight and improve my fitness through some Yoga. Any thoughts, advise or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  28. E

    2y stuck in Plateau!! Sw, ww, juice +, diet pills?

    Hi! I am 30y old mum of two. After my first child everything was fine. I had been medium size my entire life. With my second child I gone up from 56kg to 115kg. So when my child was 1y old I started Slimming world... Everything felt normal... Some weeks I lost, some weeks I maintained. I...
  29. H

    Slim n Save or Shake that weight

    I am about to start a Vlcd diet but i'm not sure which one to start with between slim n save or shake that weight.I want opinions based on taste and price. Thank youu
  30. LivvLove

    Total Solution Liv's Lovely VLCD

    Starting weight: 12 stone 0 lbs First goal: 11 stone Second goal: 10 stone 7 lbs Third goal: 10 stone Final goal: 9 stone 7 lbs So tomorrow is day 4 of my Exante journey. I'm pretty pleased with myself for making it this far because I have little to no willpower generally. I've never been happy...
  31. Tigerpaws


    Hey everyone. I have just started the exante total solution (600) calories a day. I am struggling a Lil bit. I have pcos a underactive thyroid. I wondered if anyone has managed this diet successfully? I have read a number of views over ketogenic diets and the effects. I also wondered if...
  32. chubby bunny

    Friday weigh in!!

    my first week back on slimming world. And I've kept completely on track including two SP days! AND IVE LOST 10LBS So so so happy, how has everyone done this week? :)
  33. J

    A diary of me, sorting out my life

    Okay, so I love food. Straight to the point. And there has definitely been times in my life where I've loved food a little too much. Luckily, I was young, and my body type meant that I was able to lose the weight without too much effort. However, my body shape also means that I'll never be one...
  34. H

    Newbie: Help with Slimming World diet plan

    Hi all! I'm in my first week of doing Slimming world on my own at home (as I can't afford membership at the moment) and I was wondering if someone could maybe let me know as to whether what I'm eating is alright? (My portions are very large because that stops me from snacking throughout the...
  35. _hmelli

    How do I do it?

    I'm not really here posting much at all, and haven't been on this page for months, but I really need help and need ot turn to someone, or people, who can actually listen and help me out. I am an almost 23-year-old, I'm only 5'3" and as of this morning I weigh bang on 15 and a half stone. Over...
  36. Arzt

    Here I Go Again

    The Above was quoted from my Introduction Post A Long December 2016 So after much debate with myself, I finally came to terms with the fact that I needed to lose weight and Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and the millions of fad West Coast Elitist diets were not the answer. I purchased a...
  37. Arzt

    Maximum Density Achieved

    Hello everyone I'm a new member, never joined a group like this before, any support is greatly appreciated. I'm about to begin the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and I'll be flying solo for a bit. Some background... Two years ago I found myself in a hospital bed in the midst of a Hypertension...
  38. L

    COFFEE.....?!?! argue

    Hi everyone, I'm rather new to this, and slimming world - so bare with me! I love love love my Skinny Vanilla Latte's (sugar free) from Starbucks. If I use my mile as my HEA - does this have a sin value? Thanking you all in advance.
  39. faux_scots_lass

    Hey there!

    Hi, My name is Dee, I'm 30 years old, a wife and mother and a repeat dieter. I've tried so many times in the past to lose weight, I'd manage to drop maybe 5 or 10lbs and then just....go back to my old habits and every time I'd put back on that 10lbs lost plus another 10lbs on top. So now I have...
  40. A

    Slimming world diary

    So this is day 1. Probably not the best week to Start with my birthday coming up but that can be a cheat day! In college doing medical science And also have 3 kids and so eating healthy has become hard due to lack of time and comfort eating that comes with studying. Trying to clear the house of...
  41. E

    SW: What am I doing wrong?

    I'm new here - so I'm really sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong place. I thought it was quite general and just wanted some advice. I picked up some Slimming World books from eBay having been so impressed with a friend's weight loss. My aim is to lose about a stone, just so I can feel more...
  42. H

    Starting again! 2+ stone too hopeful?

    Hello! I'm new to minimins and have joined as I had started TS in January and stayed on till the first of Feb but have completely fallen off the band wagon and have decided to start again on Feb 15th as my partner has planned a Valentine's Day treat. I go on holiday on 23rd of may 2017, I am...
  43. Slimming Emma

    Slimming world plateau

    Hi I have started slimming world on my own 2 weeks ago (having done it previously2 years) and I had a slight weight loss of 2 pounds over those 2 weeks. I am not expecting huge numbers every week as I have a healthy bmi (just on the high side) and happy with 1 pound weight loss a week. However...
  44. S

    Extra Easy Shredding for the Wedding!

    Hi All, :) My name's Sadie and I started doing Slimming World from home at the end of November after trying on my wedding dress (bought in the previous March) and S T R U G G L I N G to do it up! I felt like a stuffed sausage and vowed to lose some weight so I can be my absolute best and...
  45. Z

    Finding weight loss hard when with my boyfriend because I am happy and stop caring.

    Really good at restricting my eating when I'm not with my boyfriend, but when I'm with him I just think "awh he loves me, I'm so happy, I don't care, I'm going to eat 42 lbs of cheese" (slight exaggeration) but then I pretty much immediately regret it. About a year ago or so I was 105lbs and now...
  46. Wolf

    Wolf's SW Journey to lose 8 stone (2st gone)

    Hey guys, I'm Lisa, I'm 39 and I'm a South African who now lives in Cambridgeshire. I have a daughter who is a pastry chef (!!!), which has always made eating healthy a real challenge. She has recently moved out and now that I have full control of my kitchen cupboards and fridge, I'm trying...
  47. D


    I registred to this forum to get motivation and inspiration to lose weight. I am from Germany so I usually measure myself in cm and weih in kg. I will try to learn how to do it otherwise :) I lose and gain weight now since about 2-3 years. I started then at 67 kg at a height of 170 cm. I was...
  48. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  49. G

    Weekly weigh in!

    Hi all, So today was my first weigh in since starting back at Slimming World and it is safe to say that I am extremely happy! I LOST 5LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana_dancer::bunnydance::woohoo: I have tried to diet many times and failed but this time around I am so much more determined and this just...
  50. Shuckels

    Exante Works. I'm Living Proof. (Pics Included)

    Hi guys, first ever post and was the only forum I could find that had a good Exante thread. Well, it's been an extraordinary journey, but I'm nearing my goal. My starting weight: 308 lbs - Current weight 202 lbs (7 months I have lost 106 lbs). When I first looked into VLCD's there were so many...
  51. G

    Extra Easy My Food Diary

    So last night I joined back at Slimming World so today is my first full day at the diet and I am feeling hopeful! I've tried to diet/eat healthy on and off for years and have never been successful but I am more determined and motivated now than ever before so fingers crossed I will stick with it...
  52. Kyle101

    Total Solution I will succeed! You just watch me!

    Hello all, Well starting tomorrow (3rd August) i will be starting the VLCD Total Solution with Exante, i am very excited and don't worry i have done similar things before so i know that i am in for! Why am i doing this? There are a lot of reasons, i was once really skinny not so long ago, i...
  53. Jodieboo

    Diary of a Disheartened Slimmer - round 2!

    Hey everyone. Thought it would be best to make myself a new diary. Finally back following the Slimming World plan after faffing around for nearly a year. This time last year, I was referred to Weight Watchers via my GP. I did that for 12 weeks and lost half a stone. But I just couldn't get on...
  54. Hana-

    ~~ Hana's Diary! ~~

    I'm Hana :) 19, 5'11 and from the UK and I currently weigh 194.6lb (BMI 27.1). I've always struggled with wanting to lose weight and everything seems to be so chaotic for me. I'll lose a bunch of weight and then end up gaining it all back again just as quickly and feel horrible. Really hoping...
  55. S

    Iv started snacking on slimming world. What can I do?

    latley iv started binging on food such as eating a few crisps here and there and eating cereal from the box, it all adds up! Is there anything that you can suggest to help me stop this please? Thank you
  56. Losing For The Last Time


    Hi I'm giving Exante another go and I've heard such good things and lots of recommendations for this site for support which I really need. I little bit about myself... Since falling pregnant with my little boy in 2013 I've given up on all diets for one reason or another. There's always been...
  57. B

    Food diary-how am I doing so far?

    Hello everyone, I started sw on Friday and so far I think I am doing okay but would like other people's opinions. Friday •Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast •Lunch: pasta with some broccoli and cucumber •Dinner: jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn Snacks: strawberries, grapes, a...
  58. JavelinJoe

    80lbs / 5.7 Stone lost, My before after pictures and my story - You can change!!!

    Hey guys so I'm new here, my name is Joe, im 21 and from the U.K. So a little back story about me, ive pretty much been overweight / obese for as long as i can remember, with things going from a little overweight to obese early in high school (U.K) maybe 7 odd years ago, ive been obese for as...
  59. Bex2011xx


    Hi all :) I've been doing slimming world 7weeks now. I've also been running 3 times per week - 3miles a time for 5 weeks. I walk 2-3miles on the days I'm not running. I'm 28 and 5ft 6. I started out 13st 3lb, and now currently 12st 11lb. I'm feeling disappointed as weight loss is down to 1lb...
  60. joannelut

    A complete newbie

    Hello everyone, I am starting tomorrow, I have got a weeks trial pack and I am Looking forward to trying everything. I have a question or two - how do you know when you are in Ketosis ? And how much has everyone lost in total, I have around 60 lbs to loose in total - my daughter is getting...
  61. Missnicole26

    My Journey

    Hey! I'm new to this site and thought I'd join to log my progress with SW. I joined on the 10th of January 2016 with a starting weight of 21st 4lbs. So far this is my weight loss (and gains sadly!). 17/2/16 -6lbs (20st 12 1/2lbs) 24/2/16 -2 1/2lbs (8 1/2lbs total loss, 20st 10lb) 2/3/16...
  62. TwoBiscuitProblem

    Getting over the two biscuit problem . . . . .

    Hello all, brand new here and figured I'd go all or nothing and join a forum to gain and give support while I lose weight :) :) My weight has been a bit of a sticking point from the age of 18 onwards - gaining and losing a few stones, rather than a few pounds the way most people do. I went...
  63. E

    Cutting Down on the Lembas Bread

  64. Aniee

    Hi New here

    I am new to this forum, somewhere i read about this awesome forum. I am 26 years old, currently is 150 pounds and want to achieve 120 -125 pound weight.
  65. Crazychick86

    Row's slimming success

    I have lost 1st.3.5lbs since january, how much have you lost since you started? Do you have any tips for losing weight, or recipes with low syns? I try n eat a good portion of fruit n vege everyday, n i walk a lot. Today i made easter cup cakes 5 syns each. These include two mini eggs on top...
  66. L

    Total Solution L's "Slim by Summer" 2016 diary

    Hi all, After a tough past couple of months filled with lots of comfort eating, and little to no physical activity, I decided to give Exante a go, as my weight had crept up so quickly! I started on Monday 22nd of February weighing in at 80.5kg / approx 12 stone 9.4 lbs, and having weighed...
  67. poko

    Losing weight for the last time - this time I mean it!

    Hello! I'm starting today, again for the last time. I've done weight watchers, skimming world, Cambridge, 123 Terri-Ann diet plan and calorie counting and I am mad at myself! I throw money at anything that might make me thinner. But money doesn't buy will power and motivation and there lies my...
  68. Jaxx1384

    Slimming World, PCOS and Dairy free newbie

    Hi all I've been a slimming world member for 6 months and im almost at my 1.5 stone award. It's been a hard 6 months with many ups and downs but I'm making progress. Being dairy free is frustrating but it's a necessity and pcos on top just make everything fun! Anyone else working with this...
  69. J

    Baby slimming..

    Hey all - I've been a member of this site for a little while now and I really want to try and keep a food diary here. Joined SW in August last year and have been doing really well. Lost 4stone 5lb so far and got another 4 stone or so to go. I've tried so many different diets and had some success...
  70. W

    Extra Easy SP SP Week Results

    I've been doing slimming for the last 6 weeks and I've lost a stone. Woohoo :) Now I thought I would do an SP week to give myself a boost after The festive season. This week has been hard like hell! I honestly did not realise just how restricted it is. Got on the scales this morning to find I...
  71. May45

    Monday weigh in

    Just completed my 1st week on Total Solution and was amazed to see I lost 9lbs!!!!!! It's been really hard some days and others have been a breeze. Loving the variety of products available and I think that is really helping. Even more focused for week 2 Anyone else out there weighing in on...
  72. S

    Total Solution and..the journey begins..again.

    Hi All! Brand new here, so, I'm gonna put myself out there and tell you my goals, what's happened and various other bits. My story has many ups and downs, but, I hope it can help inspire and also support me! I'm 30. A male. I am 6ft 2 and I weigh, whilst writing this, a whopping, 24 stone 1.6...
  73. Murphtang

    My last weightloss "journey"

    I'm done losing weight and dieting. I've been doing it for nearly 14 years, and now all I am is fat. So, I'm doing slimming world, and I'm changing the way I look at food. And I am NOT going to fail again. Okay, okay, so I'm two days into my lifestyle change, but I feel amazing. I started...
  74. Sawyer

    Sawyer - To Pregnancy and Beyond!

    I have been on this site before. May 2011 to be exact and I loved it. Been back and forward for nearly 5 years trying to be good, watching what I eat but have never stuck with anything. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 15 months now, with no luck and it turns out my cycle is...
  75. 2012willdoit

    CHALLENGE: Valentine's Day Weigh In Here

    So, I am a sucker for an old fashioned challenge and I am in desperate need of a kick start. I am back, back on the diet, exercise, tracking and any other fit/fat wagon you can think of. Does anyone want to join me in some New Year short term goal setting? Add your own goals and join in :) 7...
  76. F

    Mini goal - weight loss for the new year 2016!

    Hi! I am so excited to be back on mininmins now it is back up! Anyone got any mini goals for the start of 2016? Share them here and lets support each other to get there? I'd like to lose 4.5 lbs by then and get my 5 stone award...that would be amazing... if I do that I will also be a healthy...