1. Laura40

    Weekly Weigh in :-)

    So happy with my weigh in this morning! Was hoping for 7-8llbs and I have actually lost 10.1llbs!! Great motivator for the week ahead! I know it will slow down this week, so aiming for 5-6llbs. Fingers crossed for a good week everyone! :-)
  2. chubby bunny

    Friday weigh in!!

    my first week back on slimming world. And I've kept completely on track including two SP days! AND IVE LOST 10LBS So so so happy, how has everyone done this week? :)
  3. S

    Only 1/2lb off and stuck to plan?

    My first week I lost 1lb and this week lost only 1/2 but I ate 3 times the amount of speed and cut down a couple of syns each day rather that having the maximum! What am I doing wrong? I'm really fed up :(
  4. healthyobsessions

    Which scales?

    Hi everyone :) I'm new to this forum and have been doing SW from home for the last 40 weeks with a loss of 4st and have passed my original TW but decided to loose a little more. My scales have broken and today is weigh in! I can't buy any until Friday so I'm in a bit of a rut :( Anyway, I was...
  5. N

    Post weigh-in binge - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I've just joined since I'm forever on this site anyway so may as well get involved - you seem like a lovely bunch :) Anyway a bit about me - I'm 26, and have been overweight (obese) as long as I can remember. The weight kept on creeping on and before I knew it I was half a pound...
  6. AlyBuffy

    Slimming World - First Week Weigh-in Woes

    Hi Guys, I joined slimming world online and did my first weigh in this week. My sister, mother and friend are all doing it and had amazing losses in their first week (between 4 and 6lbs) and unfortunately I have stayed the same. I've kept a food diary all week and have kept track of my syns...
  7. May45

    Week 2

    3 lbs this week. Not as much as first week but keeping the faith and sticking to 100% total solution... Had hoped for more, but staying positive.... 3lbs off is better than on !!!
  8. susu xxx

    Monthly Weighers

    Hi, I'm Susu and I weigh Monthly. Dec 2015 , 210.4lb, +8.8lb
  9. 2012willdoit

    CHALLENGE: Valentine's Day Weigh In Here

    So, I am a sucker for an old fashioned challenge and I am in desperate need of a kick start. I am back, back on the diet, exercise, tracking and any other fit/fat wagon you can think of. Does anyone want to join me in some New Year short term goal setting? Add your own goals and join in :) 7...