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Change is good......

Don’t worry:patback:….this may sound simple…but I have been there.
We all worry at some stage about what weight loss will mean to each of us….more so when we hope to lose a lot of weight.
I have lost just over 14 stone. Starting out my biggest worry was could I EVER lost even 5 stone…..well I did and thankfully I have put another 9 stone with that. (But still have a little way to go!) At about the 5 stone stage I started to notice the tops of my arms, my poor sad boobs,:cry: my neck and my apron (my tummy).:cry: I have to tell you things did flop about for a few months……but the super news is that it never gets as bad as we imagine. Swimming was a huge help for me. Regardless of the lose skin I just knew I had to continue on my journey and worry about the floppy bits later. I stayed away from full length mirrors in fact all mirrors while naked……:hide: My weight loss was quite fast so I expect it took my body some time to adjust. But adjust it did…..Having stretched my poor tummy to over 66ins.and then reduce it to it’s current 34ins. I would be foolish to expect that it would be perfect…but that is why we have magic knickers etc. Once I lost the first 3 stone I started wearing ’Flexes’ and I still do ….Swimming and Flexes were my secret weapons
Please don’t worry….just concentrate on losing your weight if you can invest in a couple of pairs of something that will support your tummy, if you can manage to swim it will be a BIG help.
I can only tell you that even if my skin was knotted on my head ….I would not go bad to carrying that 28+stone again and the extra 32ins ….It is such a wonderful feeling to have lost the stones and the inches.
I have a little saying I picked up somewhere, in the early days I had it on little cards all around me….now it just part of me. ‘If you always do what you always did…..you’ll always get what you always got’
Don’t allow anything to stop your weight loss…you owe it to yourself.:happy036:
Hope this helps xxx
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Hi Newwomen and what a great achievement.. Can i ask how long it has taken you to lose all your weight? x


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Fantastic post NEWWOMAN and well done on your amazing weight loss!:superwoman::happy096:

Love Mini xxx
Hi Newwomen and what a great achievement.. Can i ask how long it has taken you to lose all your weight? x
Hello Cuddily mum and thank you for your greeting.
It took just under 14 months to lose the 14 stone but these last 30lbs are really proving very difficult...but here's hoping.
How are you doing?
Have a great weekend. x


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wow what a great achievement and what an inspiration you are x


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Wowee! Cannot believe your weight loss and sheer determination, you deserve a flaming medal!
Did you do this on LT or CD?
Well done to you, you are are a real superwoman. :thankyou::clap:
wow , must have been tough ,well done :)
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well done Newwoman you must have had some real determination, totally inspiring


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Totally agree with this post, Newwoman. At the start I was very worried about loose skin on my neck... (loose skin on your tummy is easy to cover up, loose skin on your neck is much more difficult). After losing a stone in the first 2 weeks I did look a bit like an old woman but as time has gone on, the skin has tightened up and doesnt look too bad now. So totally agree that your fears are worse than the reality.
Well done to you for your dedication to stick with it for 14 months, I have been on LT for 6 months and I am looking forward to finishing sometime in the next couple of months.
Respect to you, Newwoman.:cool:


Always welcome new m8's!

Thats an amazing amount of weight to lose, and in just 14 months?!

Inspirational! Congrats!
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well done! that really is amazing! u must be feeling great. 14 months! doesnt make 5 months seem like a lot anymore xx
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What a fantastic achievement! You really must feel like a "New Woman"!

It is encouraging to hear about the skin. I hope you don't mind me asking but are you in your 20's, 30's or 40's? I only ask coz I'm worried those with older skin may have more problem than the youngsters (and I'm no youngster!)

Good luck with the final lbs.



Queen of the Damned
That is an amazing achievement - well done :clap: :wow:
Hello cuddlyfairy, thank you for you message. I would love to tell you I'm in my 30's.......So I'm in my 30's.
Now for the truth I'm 54.
You are doing so well. Looking forward to seeing you get to target.
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you are a true inspiration, thank you
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Wow awesome! And i love that quote! Sooo true xox

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