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Change of appetite


Not evil at all
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Hi all

This past couple of weeks I've noticed that I almost need to force myself to eat at lunchtime. There are occasions where I won't stop eating, then days like today where I don't really want to eat my lunch and just pick my way through it. I usually bring in a big tub of home made pasta salad, which just recently I had to downsize as I wasnt finishing it, and I always have a yoghurt, piece of fruit and low syn crisps.. but I always end up taking everything home apart from the pasta. Does anyone else get this? Is it the diet? Feels like my brain is learning when to say no! It's worrying lol

I have noticed it at dinner time too. Usually whatever we've made there's enough for 4 people, but cos it's syn free we'll have two bowls of it, rather than it go to waste but last night I could hardly finish my first bowl! I do find myself not wanting seconds as much as I used to, even if it's something light like a stir fry.

Is it all normal..?!
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Yes, it's normal... well to me it is!
Since I have adapted my eating habits to Paul McKenna's theory about only eating when I am hungry, I do just that! Most days I only eat one meal a day and I just won't eat 3 meals a day because that is the norm.
I know some people say you should but I don't see why if you are not hungry.
My advice is, eat 3 meals if you really have a hunger, otherwise don't. Why eat just for the sake of eating?


Not evil at all
S: 21st12.5lb C: 19st10.5lb G: 16st6lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 2st2lb(9.79%)
I have practically trained myself to eat when I'm bored, so it's really strange to finally hear my stomach and brain saying "no, I'm not hungry", I actually feel a little sick thinking about food. This is why I'm kind of worried lol especially since I'm going to the gym, you need the food to have the energy, maybe I'll get hungry later on :)


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I wish!!
I am always hungry when I wake up, I'm hungry for my lunch and hungry for my dinner and I have supper too!

I can still eat the amount I used to be able to eat pre SW (3 years!), the only thing which has changed is I stop myself eating too much bad food!!


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That's food optimising starting to 'do it's thang' for you!

Mrs V

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Mine is more to do with the fact that Im cooking for myself and my Daughter and just dont feel hungry after making it. I dont pick at anything during the cooking stage now as my GB fills me up too quickly!
It does happen to us all Hun, but at least you are learning to eat when you are hungry rather than eating for the sake of it.



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I've found my appetite has changed in a way that i now really love veg LOL.
I really can't get enough.
Maybe your change of appetite is due to your body now feeling as though it's being fed properly now and not craving junk food??

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