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Changing my style.

Although I have a marathon to run with this diet and it will take me a long time, I have already started to think about what kind of 'me' I would like to be at the end.
I have never had this thought before, in all the years I have been fat and follwing diets I have never wondered who I really am. I know for sure that I am not the old fuddy duddy that I dress as at the moment because nothing fits and feel so fat that it doesnt matter what I look like.
Where can I go or what can I do to give myself a sence of style and enable me to envisage myself as a new slim me?
Lynne x
Has this happened to anybody else? I think its because I believe I can get there!!!!
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I would like in jeans and baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts but would always see loads of things i liked but they only look good on a size 12 dont they, I used to buy these things for my daughter (size8 age 13ys) but I think shes in for a shock coz they will be mine all mie, hehe.

Just have a look in shops and see what sort of things you actually like the look of and not just what would cover you up.xx
Hi wizz,
I have been thinking this question a lot too, I wear clothes that fit rather than are stylish, my make up is out of date as is my hair. Like you I think whats the point of buying beautiful dresses when they look like crap anyway.
I have seen several things I am going to look into firstly there is a thread on here somewhere about something called 'colour me' I think it is... it's where yu go for a consultation and they help you choose the colours that are right for your skin tone etc. My sister went on a day with a personal shopper, this was excellent as she was given tips on what to wear, and some of the things she would never have worn or even looked at. she has totally changed her style following this.
I also intend to have a makeover photo shoot done. I am desperate to learn how to apply makeup properly to suit my skin and my age. I always stop t mascara and lippy, as I think my big round face looks rubbish in anything else.
If you put image consultants in google you may come up with some ideas, but maybe some people might add to this post with ideas too? I'm sure many of us will be very interested.
Good luck for the rest of your WL journey!
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I think Susan made a good suggestion about starting to look at things that you like, maybe keep a file of images on your PC to store them in. When you reach your goal I would say experiment, try on anything and everything that you like on the hanger, don't restrict yourself by thinking it won't suit you as you may be surprised. Sometimes it will look dreadful (believe me!) but you will know it is because the style isn't right rather than because of your weight. You are bound to make some mistakes as you find your style, I know I did, but they are all part of the fun of discovering the new you!

Thanks girls, Im so excited. I havent even worn make up for about ten years. I'm now 55 and have a nagging doubt that I may have left it too long and wont ever be glam again.
But theres a long way to go yet. Lets see what its like when we get there!! In the meantime I will do what you all say.
I have clothes that I have bought that are just stuffed (litterally) into my wardrobe because I have been a 'serial' clothes buyer, buying things that I liked but would never fit me - im about a size 24 but these clothes are 18/20s. None of them match but they are all lovely.. I will probably wear these as I lose each bit of weight till i get to my final destination, hopefully fully co-ordinated with my own look and glowing skin and hair xx
Lynne x
I will say dont buy to much while you are on cd as you may well only get a couple of weeks wear out of the.lol

I had clothes from 20s down to 16s in my wardrobe so just bought few bits and bobs but now with my 16s getting a little loose have to get some 14s but only a couple of pairs of jeans.
its great isnt it, i bet you will look fab in all those things you have never warn.xx
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Not really style advice as such but just felt compelled to share my experience of me finding the real me...

I went to the extreme and got two full sleeve tattoos! Was a massive dream for ages to the point where I almost developed some sort of body dysmorphia about having bare arms. :) This year I won best sleeve at my home city convention. Looking at the photos of me on the stage getting that award is a far cry from the photos of me when I was BMI 37 and very frumpy. Looking back it's like I'm looking at a completely different person. It's a strange feeling. I'd feel naked without my tattoos now.

As for actual clothes, style is not a one-size-fits all thing and even while you're losing weight and working your way to goal, you can start readjusting your image. You don't have to wait until goal to do that. Bigger girls can look as fantastic as skinny girls, it's all in finding the confidence and letting it shine through in how you express yourself externally and during your weight loss journey your confidence bit by bit comes back doesn't it. Experimenting with your image whenever you drop a dress size is another way to further boost that confidence.

Of course, it can go wrong from time to time, it's like experimenting with style when you're a teenager. And even the celebs get it wrong so often and they have style consultants!

I don't know if he does a book but I think Gok Wan's advice is fab. Try the website: Style, Fashion & Beauty Tips - How To Look Good Naked - Channel4

If you lived near me I'd be dragging you down the mall tomorrow! I luuuuuuurve girly shopping!
I always wore fashionable clothes until i got pregnant and piled the weight on and was wearing baggy combats and tea shirts until a few days ago.

Since starting this diet i have dropped some serious inches and feel quite comfortable today to wear tight jeans, a red top and uggs, its the best i have looked in ages and Im only wearing my combats around the house from now on.
Brilliant ! Thanks peeps xx
I have just put a cardy on and just a bra on underneath it, and I though - mmm very bardot!! lol im 55 lol, so i quickly put a little (big) when i say little i mean straps rather than sleeves lol, cami on, so dressed today in black skirt, lots loser than it was last week, yellow cami with embroidery and bardot style cardi, v, neck, black and buttoned all the way.
Lynne x
PS I like Gok too.
I think Gok is a god, he makes women love themselves not what they could be with thousands of pounds worth of surgery.

You will be the best dressed 55yr old in town soon hun.xx
lol yes, bring it on !!!
Lynne x


Mistress of the Dark
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i love Gok! i wish he lived in my wardrobe!!!

i agree with what people have said on here. definitely look at fashion online and save the pics. that's what i'm doing. i know how i want to look, but i have never been able to dress that way. the weird thing is, i always thought that when i got slim, i would want to dress in really short skirts and revealing tops but now i think i would rather dress to be classy and attractive. it's not about showing flesh.

it is never too late to start taking a pride in your appearance. it doesn't matter if you are 25 or 55, you can always look and feel great! i find that '10 Years Younger' is a brilliant programme especially for older women who want to know how to dress and how to wear makeup to suit them. Nicky Hambleton-Jones is fantastic and always dresses the women on there amazingly. her main points are to dress for your age i.e don't try and dress like a 20 year old if you are 40 etc, and also don't shy away from bright colours. colours often make older ladies look so much younger! i am always trying to persuade my mum to stop wearing just black. i bought her a lovely blue-green top for her birthday, and she put it on and she looks about 35 (she is actually 54!)!!!

good luck on finding your style and have fun doing it xxx
Thank you, I feel doubly inspired now. Its nice to know that I have support here.
Lynne x
Hiya Susan,
Im doing great today thanks, the indigestion has GONE !!! yeahhhhh...... pain all gone.
That was the omeprazole. It was horrible and I hope it doesnt come back again.
Ive just had a secret sneaky jump on my scales and its looking ok for this week. Cant wait till Thursday when its my weigh in.
How are you doing?
Lynne x
Im great hun thanks, got some size14 jeans at the weekend and they fitted wooohooo (got them on as we speak).

Glad you are feeling beter hun.xx
Size 14!!! Wow, I bet you feel Really SEXY, go for a walk and feel GREAT about yourself.
Lynne xx

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