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Changing tastebuds...

...we had a Festive Open House yesterday and I had a green day so could have pasta and sweet potato wedges to munch on through the day - admittedly I did have a fair bit of mulled wine! I bought lots of dips and nibbles in and was very good and didn't pick yesterday.... however just gone to have a bit of dip and crudites and there are all too creamy for me now and sickly - before SW I would have easily eaten them throughout the night! It's made me feel a bit icky so am going to leave them for OH to hvae! Have your tastebuds changed since starting SW? xx
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Lover of Extra Easy
Most definitely.
I much prefer simple basic no sauce meals, whereas before, the creamier and richer, the better.
Also much prefer something savory to sweet.


needs to focus!!!!
mine have changed also, i hate things that i can taste the fat on, or can see that its really greasy, makes me feel sick, everything has got to be grilled, or otherwise fry lighted :). xx
Definitely - creamy or greasy things tend to be too rich for me now. I used to love butter icing and creamy puds but now canonly eat very little of this kind of thing.

I have developed a real love of vegetables too - especially when made into a soup.
Today I walked in to Mc Donald's and the greasy fatty smell nearly knocked me over! Minging or what

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Yup - more savoury than sweet here (and I always htought I could exist on chocolate!). Only like creamy comfort stuff as a treat now and do enjoy it, but not regularly.
I noticed this! I was naughty and ordered a chinese and the chow mein left an after taste in my mouth and the egg fried rice was tasteless. It was the same take away I have always used and neither my OH or the kids noticed! Serves me right for cheating LOL x

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