can you check my food diary?


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Good morning gorgeous people!!
I started yesterday and joining class for the first time tonight so just getting my head around slimming world.
Can anyone tell me if the below is enough speed for yesterday and today? Im a bit confused by free, speed and super speed lol. Hopefully once i have joined and get my books it will make more sense. I also will be getting a bit more organised and preparing my lunch the night before- i realised on my way to work that i could have had a much more filling lunch my adding a jacket potato, or pasta etc,

Hex A- Skimmed milk for coffees (throughout day)
Breakfast- 2 x Alpen light (Hex b), strawberries and grapes (superspeed??)
Lunch- Good and counted chicken curry 4.5 syns, 2 x satsumas (superspeed?? i dont know)
Dinner- 3 x low fat sausages (4.5), fried egg, baked beans, bacon, onions+peppers+mushrooms (speed?)
Snack- SW chips made with 2 tsps olive oil (4 syns)
Monday total- 13 syns

Hex A- Skimmed milk for coffees (throughout day)
Breakfast- 2 x Alpen (Hex b), strawberries, grapes (superspeed), muller light
Lunch- Lettuce cucumber spring onion (superspeed), ham, 1 tablespoon light philadelphia (2 Syns)
Snack- satsuma
Dinner- 1/2 Good and counted lasagne (4 syns), SW chips, broccoli and cauliflower (superspeed?)
Tuesday total- 6 syns
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Grunka Lunka

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Hi skinny-mummy and welcome to Slimming World!

With regard to free, speed and super-speed, I don't think 'super-speed' is a thing any more. In the old red/green days some foods were classed as 'super-speed' (SS) as they were supposed to boost your weightloss more than the free and speed (S) foods. However, they seem to have done away with them now as they got too confusing so it's just free or speed foods now :)

From your food diary above, the speed foods you have are the strawberries, onions, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, satsumas, broccoli and cauliflower. Unfortunately grapes are free but aren't speed foods due to the high natural sugar content. The speed foods are the ones with an S next to them in your book so when you get your book tonight it'll make it a lot clearer.

It looks like you've managed to get a good amount of speed foods in with each of your meals, including breakfast, which is excellent! You've also got all your healthy extras in there and have used your syns well, keep up the good work! :D I hope you enjoy your class tonight!


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Great start, as above regarding the grapes, and no more SS. My consultant would probably remind me that SW chips as a snack isn't really something I should do frequently (ok if nothing else will hit the spot once in a while as a treat - you know those moments). She would tell me that to speed my losses to snack on speed foods (easy grabs, like a piece of fruit). You've got off to a great start, good luck with your losses x