Changing to CD !


Loves VLCD's !
Hi CD'ers
I have been on LL for 18 weeks now and am pleased to have lost 5 stone. I am moving to Cornwall shortly and there is no LL there so I have found myself a lovely CDC who is happy to travel half across Cornwall once a fortnight to be my CDC ! She is lovely and is being so supportive already even though I am still on LL.:)

I think going from 4 foodpacks to 3 might be a bit odd for me but other than that it all feels like a good decision !

Not sure about AAM either as I am not used to that on LL and think it might push me over the edge to eat a bit of food :eek:

Any tips for going from LL to CD welcome !
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Lucky you moving to Cornwall Melissa

Hope the move goes well not too stressful and the transition to CD is a smooth and happy one. Your weightloss is fantastic and I'm sure will give you great confidence to settle in to your new community.

Dizxy x


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You can split your 3 packs into four servings if you feel this would be a better adjustment for you.

Well done for losing 5 stones.


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good idea jemax.

welcome to CD and to the west country. just wanted to say thats brilliant to have lost 5 stones. i wish u every success on CD. cant think of any advice off the cuff but will gladly answer any questions as u go along.

best of luck



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Good luck with your move and for joining CD.

Your weight loss is fantastic and I hope I do as well as you have so far.:)


Loves VLCD's !
Yes I might try that splitting a pack idea. I never feel like much in the morning so could do half a shake and save the rest for evening.

I have ordered some of everything so I can see what I like ! So exciting after a limited LL range:D :D :D


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Lots of people on here have successfully transferred from LL to CD - normally because of the difference in price.

The flavours are more extensive, bars are definately nicer! and if you have a good CDC (which it sounds like you have) do some of the cognitive behaviour therapy with her - and you're then in a win win situation!

Well done on your loss so far and good luck with CD.