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Charli's Grub Diary

Well hello gorgeous!!

I'm new to the site, I need a sharp kick in the bum which is why I've descended on you ;)

I lost 3 1/2 stone on SW going to group about 18 months ago for my wedding (yay yay etc) but I've stagnated since! Been very naughty, although I haven't gained - in fact I've lost another half stone bizarre!

Anyway I'm back on SW but this time I'm going alone & exercising (at home, with the curtains tightly drawn!).

I intend to keep as strict as I can - I also imagine I'll be extremely bad instead. I've got into bad habits. So I'm kinda helping someone out there might help me stay on track (possibly with a whip?)

So here I shall post my food diary, feel free to comment & if you want recipes or anything I'm happy to share :D

And what a great day to start! Halloween - the end of harvest & start of winter (well I'm not waiting til Jan 1st, I want a new wardrobe for Christmas!) So, please, join me on my epic adventure & let us see where it takes us...

Love & hugs
Charli XxX
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31st Oct (day 1) Green

Brekkie - Müllerlight raspberry & cranberry, fresh raspberries, Nestlé Skinny Mocha (4)

Snack - Roast Chicken Mug Shot

Lunch - Egg & rocket sandwich (1xHexB), mint tea

Exercise - 30 mins on Just Dance & 30 mins stepping ;)

Dinner - Syn free Thai style broth with stir fry veg, prawns (1xHexB) & noodles (delicious if I say so myself!!) :D

Treat - Smarties Pumpkin shared with hubby (4)

(had my HexA in coffee/tea :))

So 8 syns today! Yay! I'm saving for Friday night (take away curry & wine with fireworks!)

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1st Nov (day 2) Green

Brekkie - 2x Alpen Light (HexB), green tea

Lunch - egg & rocket sandwich (HexB), mint tea

Snack - Laughing Cow Light (HexA)

Exercise - 1hr stepping

Dinner - Pasta, Quorn meatballs & 1/2 pack Asda Med Roast veg (4)

Snack - Müllerlight with apple & raspberries

So only 4 syns today! ;)

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A happy downward spiral
Your first post is great!
Very honest and you sound like you mean business.

Good luck to you.

I know what you mean about hoping for people to help keep you on track. Somtimes its hard to say no but knowing you gotta face up to it on here (your diary) where others will see is a good incentive! haha.


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Well done on your previous loss, and well done for not gaining! Thats brilliant. Good luck with your new slimming world journey.
Food looks fab and the thai style broth sounds lush! x
2nd Nov (day 3) Green

Brekkie - Green tea, Alpen Light x2 (HexB)

Snack - Grapes

Lunch - Egg & rocket sarnie (HexB), 7 up free, Snack jack sweet chilli curls (5)

Dinner - Quorn chilli & jacket, Lf cheese (HexA)

Snack - Müllerlight & apple

Snack - Options Hot Choc (2)

So that's 7 syns today!! Fridays curry better be worth it ;)

So far so good!! Hehe.

3rd Nov (day 3) Green

Brekkie - Alpen Light x1 (1/2 HexB), Green tea

Lunch - Scrambled egg on toast (1/2HexB)

Exercise - 30mins stepping

Snack - Thai Mug Shot (1/2)

Dinner - Veg & Quorn stir fry with noodles, small glass of White wine (4)

2x small White wine (very bad day!!) (8syns) 8)

Used my HexA in the eggs & coffees today :)

Total of 12.5syns.

I don't usually split my Hexs but I was sort of forced to today due to bare cupboards!! I'm hoping it doesn't effect my weigh in tomorrow! I'm worrying about the curry syns now lol :(

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4th Nov (day 4) Green

Apparently my friends don't want curry now, they want Italian! Rubbish :(

Anyway - WI today & I've lost 0.5lbs. That's it! So that's rubbish too :(

Breakfast - Green tea

Lunch - Omelette, mushrooms, Quorn sausages & cheese (HexA)

Snack - Marmite toast (HexB)

Dinner - Syn free curry, prawns (HexB) & rice

Wine (26)

Ha! I cooked my own curry as we ate in!! More room for wine :D

Total syns - 26

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5th Nov (day 5) Green

Brekkie - Black coffee, egg, marmite, toast (HexB)

Lunch - Minestrone Mug Shot

Snack - Slice of pizza (8.)

Dinner - Salmon Tikka (5) Biryani (12), popadum (4), white wine (8)

So that's 37 syns *sob* :( (but if I'm cheeky, I skipped 2 Hexs so only 25...) I had such good intentions! Will have to make it up the rest of the week.

Happy Guy Faulkes/Bonfire Night! ;)

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6th Nov (Day 6) Green

Brekkie - Black coffee

Brunch - Egg, Toast (HexB), Quorn sausages, baked beans

Snack - Cheesy Mug Shot (2)

Dinner - Asda Roasted Veg & potatoes (10) Quorn fillets

Snack - Müllerlight & fruit

Snack - Laughing Cow Light (HexA) & Ryvita (HexB)

I'm going to have to be impeccable this week! What a rubbish weekend, I'm never this bad :(

So that's 12 syns :D

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7th Nov (day 7) Green

Brekkie - Green tea, Alpen Light x2 (HexB)

Lunch - Quorn slices & rocket sarnie (HexB), grapes

Snack - Chicken Mug Shot

Dinner - Quorn chilli & jacket potato, Müllerlight & fruit

Snack - Bran Flakes (6), Skimmed Milk (HexA)

Been a super rubbish day at work today & freezing cold! All I want to do is munch Doritos & watch films!! Gah.

So 6 syns today, so hungry :( I also hate milk lol.

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8th Nov (Day 8.) Green

Brekkie - Alpen Light x2 (HexB) Green tea

Lunch - Quorn, marmite & rocket sarnie (HexB)

Dinner - Veggie stir fry & noodles

Snack - Müllerlight & grapes, Options hot choc (2)

Exercise - 30 mins Step Aerobics & 1 hr stepping

Been so busy today I almost forgot lunch!! Never a good idea ;) I've used my HexA in coffee today!


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Just had a sneaky peak... I know I shouldn't but I did ;) And I've lost 3 lbs!! Must wait til Fri to see if it's official. But if it is that's the lightest I've been since I was 21!! Whoop ;)


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9th Nov (Day 9) Green

Brekkie - Alpen Light x2 (HexB), Green tea

Exercise - 30 mins Step Aerobics

Lunch - Quorn & rocket sarnie (HexB), cheese mug shot (2)

Exercise - 30 mins stepping

Dinner - Quorn bolognaise & pasta

HexA in coffee & just had the rest of my bread with marmite!! Yummy ;)

I can't quite believe how good I'm being - let's see what the weekend brings, ruin? :(


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10th Nov (Day 10) Green

Brekkie - Alpen Light x2 (HexB)

Lunch - Quorn & rocket sarnie (HexB)

Exercise - 30 mins stepping

Dinner - Thai style quorn broth & noodles

Snack - Curly Wurly (6)

HexA in coffee again (naughty, need to stop it!)

Really bad day at work (nothing entirely new!) Feel like stuffing my face with stodge :( WI tomorrow though, so I'm holding out until Sat like a good girl... so, so hard though!!

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11th Nov (Day 11) Green

Brekkie - 2xAlpen Light (HexB)

Snack - Walkers S&V (7)

Lunch - Quorn, rocket sarnie (HexB)

Dinner - Quorn syn free curry, syn free dip & rice

Snack - Curly Wurly (6), White wine (16), Doritos (7)

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