Charlotteeee's kick your bum into gear thread!!

Start Weight: 11st 12lb
Goal: 9st 7lb
Current Dress Size: 12/14

My aim is to do this by using the Wii Fit, and a mixture of Using "points" and healthy eating. No more junk food!!

Im confused though because i started my diet yesterday excerised all night last night, i havent touched junk all day and apparently i've put 1lb on :mad: not impressed!!

Well if anyone has any tips for me then thanks a lot!!
I have some pics of me for my "before" but i'm gonna leave it a week before i put them up, im not brave enough yet XD xx
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G: 67kg
Hi Charlotteeee,
If you weigh yourself on Wii Fit platform as far as I know it's not really accurate so maybe weekly weigh in might show true readings? Also your muscles weigh more than fat so your weight might have gone up after exercising. Try measuring your waist, hips, etc and see whether the inches come off instead of weight. But in the long run I'm sure the weight will follow. :D