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charlottes alli/xenical diary

hey guys thought i better make on of these instead of just having a rant on the message board. so im on day 4, halfway through my first week only really felt the treatment on the 2nd day but i think thats because the fat was still in my system.

had 2 weetabix today nom but got my totm which didnt feel normal, dont know if its the tablets but im not gettin sickness and nauseier that i usually get but its very light.

im really excited about getting weighed so im gonna go to boots and have a sneak peak tomorrow :)

i actually cant wait to go food shopping on friday when i get some money and get lots of nice healthy things.

never thought id say that. i did give in to temptation and have a kitkat last night but i seem to be ok.

i seem to be very tired tho

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S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
hi hun, good to see you have set up your own diary!!

Some of the girls noticed their totm were worse so you have been very lucky :D

I am always the same when it comes to food shopping, i love it now, looking out for all the healthy stuff its great :D Dont worry about the kitkat we all give into temptation sometimes especially at totm, i have found marshmallows (fat free) and chocolate yogurts/mouses have got me through it though!!
im going to buy some of the weight watchers angel delight stuff :D and have alook at the jellys.

also i lost 3 lb!

i couldnt resist walking past boots and not having a sneak peak. i cant believe it 3lbs in 5 days and its totm and im still eating :D
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
Thats the good thing about this, you can still eat pretty well, which i have to say is good for me as i really love my food :eek: I have never felt this good while losing weight, i dont think i have ever stuck to it so well either, i am really enjoying it!!
had work early yesterday so i thought right im going to see the most low fat breakfast thing i can find in shops like on the run food, mc donalds brekki was a massive huge no no, so had alook in greggs and that was also a no no so i thought subway as last time i had a sausage sub they were cooked in microwave and didnt seem fatty. i told the girl my dilemma and she said id be fine with the sausage so had that in a 6" italian sub. but i left most the bread. must say i was panicking that something would happen all the way through work but i made it home and still wasnt ill! :D

so least i know i can have one of them when im out in mornings. also i can have the ham or turnkey or chicken subs :D nom

today ive had tin of tomatos and bread for dinner and for tea i had a bowl of smash. gonna have weetabix later on if i get peckish, still not the big morning person so breakfast is abit hit and miss.

tomorrow will be a week of me taking the tablets but i only started properly on thurs so gonna get weighed friday when in town
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I don't get all this starvation mode etc slowin down weight loss not enough calories etc... So I asked the doctor and e said it only kicks in after a while of doing it like for a month...? So made me sleep easy on not having enough calories

Btw read through your diary an looks like your doing good :) x
thanks steph, ur doing well too!

so today woke up late then had to run around town paying bills then i went to work then as i had money went shopping, and got loads of veg and tins and that, so got home and before i knew it it was 8.30 and i hadnt eaten all day! so giving the pills a miss today and have some cereal for supper :D

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
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not to worry - i'm sure you'll be extra good today ;)
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
lol vodka is good, not had any for so long now though, dont think i have touched a "proper" drink since i started the xenical!!

I think i would of had to finish the night with a kebab or burger and chips lol,. i always get mega cravings after drinking!!

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